Youth Destiny Class

Are you a high school graduate or about to graduate soon and wondering what to do with your life? Are you interested in growing in your relationship with God and finding out what his will for your life is? Are you interested in finding out what you skills, gifts, and talents are and how you can develop them? Are you interested in becoming clear about who you are and what you are here for? Are in interested in learning about how to succeed in this technological era and age of acceleration? Are you interested in learning how to bring the light of God to the marketplace?

Well, wee can help! We have something for the youth as well. We can help. We are currently building a curriculum on what we perceive to be key insights in finding and connecting with yourself and co-laboring with God to develop your destiny. Our primary source is the living word of God. We share insights from several disciplines and tackle subjects like:

  • Identity and Purpose
  • Faith and Money
  • Personal Development
  • Servant Leadership
  • Innovation and how to capture its benefits

Reach out to us if you are looking for a speaker using the form below:






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