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Thanksgiving is the reason for the season.

With that in mind, I want to thank The Two Most Important women in my life – Grandma Dinah and Mom. These women sacrificed almost everything to raise me. They would die for me. Thank you so much.

Here’s is an intimate look at my origin through Grandma’s eyes.

She is over 100 and still going.

Zongkra Bigmami (Dialect for Thank you Grandma)

First, I mention them to show you where I came from. Secondly, it is to add life to a  blessing/prophecy they gave me when I was young, a word which is unfolding. And lastly, their blessing connects me to the person this post is about.

What grandma and mom prayed and prophesied was –

“Son, you will have many mothers in your life.”

Its a parable which means – Continue reading “THANK YOU, YOUR HONOR”


I love God. I love his Son. I just do. I love the way HE works. It borders on weird – believe me. But, one could argue that weird means special in a different way.

Sometimes, I don’t know how to tell Him how I love him and appreciate Him. I love giving compliments. I don’t know what kind of compliment to give him.

So, the best compliment I give Him at this point in my life is to say – Continue reading “DO IT AGAIN!”