Thank You Mrs. Mom

I am currently working on my Master’s defense. But, I just had to squeeze out time to brag about the person who has made it physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally possible for me to be able to do it.

I’m talking about an African Queen, Mrs. Mom.

She is one tough cookie. She is sharp too! In fact, she is so sharp you could get cut standing right next to her.

If I told you about her, you’d feel like you just got served a slice of heaven. She is dubbed the Iron Lady, has one “hell” of a right jab, and knows how to groove to the beat people. If Michael Jackson was alive, she’d beat him hands down on his moonwalk.

Her presence is a triple threat. Continue reading



And what hasn’t this woman done for me? What hasn’t she done for her children?


She is gentle. Loves smiling. But, she is tough. She works so hard, men respect her. She is so fierce, she is revered in our hometown as The Iron Lady. Let me tell you how revered she is. Continue reading