Discovering the Vehicle for your Calling

Let’s go back to – Catalina Islands…for a sec

One of the most fascinating creatures on God’s green earth that I met was Jesse.

Meet Jesse – (So cool)


Jesse is an epiphany. She redefines coolness. She had that cool, colorful, Malibu groove going on. She is graceful, calm, charming, lovely, wise, intuitive, respectful and one fine sister who really loves Jesus. Don’t judge. Just bragging about Jesse is all.

While facing the beach we engaged in a conversation to inquire why we were each glowing. And no…it wasn’t love at first sight or last sight (though if Jesus made it possible…okay…I should stop now). Just kidding.

We swapped stories and compliments. Then, Jesse shared her dilemma. She didn’t know what her calling was. She wanted to know what it is God was inspiring her to do and how to do it. She was a sophomore in college but wasn’t sure what to chose for a major. I listened and we just talked and swapped experiences. Then, our talk went something like this  –

Ish: What do you hope to achieve in life?

Jesse: I want to help people.

Ish: Okay. Let’s go deeper. What does that look like? What does helping people look like to you? What is supposed to be the outcome in people’s lives that you helped them? What impact do you want to see in their lives 10 years down the line because you helped them today?

Jesse: I want to make them feel better in…

Ish: Cool. In what area of their life do you want to help people? You can make people feel better in different ways. You can help them feel better in a financial sense, inspirational sense, family sense, medical sense, business sense, entertaining sense….what is your preference? In what way do you want to give your help?

(Jesse told me what she wanted but was worried about choosing a major. When she did, this followed -)

Ish: Jesse? The beautiful thing about Catholic tradition is that you are taught servant leadership. You are taught to bring heaven to earth. You are thought to instinctively turn a vision to a mission. Without being aware, you have successfully turned the vision of wanting to help people in this specific area into a mission. You are literally doing it. Can you see that?

Jesse: Oh…

Ish: And that’s all it is. Your calling to your mission. You can fulfill that mission now and at any other time as long as you meet and connect with people. You can apply that mission to your family, community, friends, and so on.  But as you grow, you will need money, a job etc. Yes?

So, this is the big question.

What vehicle would you like to chose to transport that vision turned into a mission? 

Jesse: I guess, I haven’t taught of it that way. A vehicle…

(I didn’t either, but it felt smart when it came out of my mouth and I didn’t mention it)

Ish: Yeah. For example –

McDonald’s vision may be to feed people. Its mission is to do so with tools such as burgers and shakes. But, it needs a vehicle to transport that vision, yes? It uses buildings and sytems to deliver that burger to you. 

Nike is a perfect example. Its visions/mission may be to say help folks develop their inner athlete. Its vehicle is to craft and sell shoes and apparel that transmit the message and make that reality true.

So, what vehicle would you like to use to transport your vision/calling?

Don’t worry about a major. It is just the vehicle. Simply chose which vehicle you would like to transport you and your vision/mission. You can drive downtown in a car, a bus, or take the metro. Same thing with your vision. Your major is just one vehicle.

If you are a student, your mission can help you come to a better vehicle by design. For a working class adult, their mission can help them chose what extra courses to help them keep living a specific mission while making money. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can begin to imagine what to build or write in order to transport that vision/mission.

Does this help? That may be a good start.

But, here’s the cool part.

To be continued…





Miracles and Humor at the Beach

Ladies and gentlemen,


Hahaha. Oh my goodness. I missed you guys.

Thank you for all the likes, follows, and comments in my absence. They blessed me and encouraged me. It tells me that what I share is of some benefit to you. Merci…thank you.

But – Listen people – I have been stressed!

Mi familia has been experiencing a sudden stream of trials. We lost our grandma, our cousin is out of work because of a stroke, another in Canada jumped out of her car before it crashed,….phew…#lawdjesus. [Please pray for us]

Its been hardships and heartbreaks. I was so stressed from work, school, project, and life that I started to reach my physical limits. I began having cold breakouts and shiver under anxiety and stress, loosing vision, and having small brain shut downs – literally.

When this happened, its as if our Lord was telling me to stop – everything – and retreat with him. The moment I said yes, I received a message from an organization with a scholarship to visit the wild side Catalina Islands. My first question was – “Is Catalina Islands in the United States?”

“Duh” – its in California just 30 minutes away from by seas. And people, let me tell you something – wild and beautiful. I enjoyed the –  No cellular service – part.

While I was there, I experienced cool things. On my beach walk, I walked into an eagle eating fish. When I said – “hey bro, how are you doing?” it flew away. I’m not sure if it was being racist or was just scared of a brother.

Then, I sat down and just worshiped and came up with a new song. Then I saw something swimming and shouted, “Dolphin…hey dolphin. Come say hello.”

Yep, you guessed right – it wasn’t a dolphin. Turns out, it was a flippin’ baby sea lion.

Cute right?

That’s what I thought too.

Not until I was like, – “Oh wait, its a baby sea lion. W…a…i….t a minute. Where is its mother? Oh wait, where is the mother?” Hey, I was man enough to run okay. That’s what real men do.

Then, on my beach walk back, I got trapped by high tides that flooded the shores and my path, closing in me into the rocks with a rock hill behind me.

So – I was trapped at the beach with a rocky hill behind me that I couldn’t climb, closed in by high tides, threatened by waves, watching a baby sea lion missing its mother within a few yards away from me. 

Ha…! I almost called my mom. What? That’s what real men do when they are in trouble – hello, 21st century here (lol).

Then, I got a new nickname too – Motown!

That’s right. Its all about that Old Skool people. Its all about that Patti LaBelle. The name was given to me by three tough ladies who went kayak racing with me. Yep – they won…hmm…the first time, because I let them. I’m telling the truth.


I made friends, played Mafia for the first time and kept throwing everyone off their game because I laugh all the time and no one figured that out about me. I told them – Listen, I am a happy man – and they didn’t believe me.

But, here’s what amazed me.

This young lady kept following me to talk. Then another guy. Then they engaged me in conversation. We talked, for a while and I shared a bit of my story and what God has done for me. And let’s just say it led to two of them committing their lives to Jesus.

Then, I spoke with two of my Catholic sisters and some wisdom just came out of my mouth regarding tracing their calling and it blew us away. Blew my mind. I knew I wasn’t that smart. And during a confession-discussion time, they used the “exact” words I shared with them. It was so honoring being a vessel even at rest. God is so…good y’all.

Did I mention I went snuckling? Woot woot…this guy is trying new things. Well…okay, I didn’t put the googles on and I used a board.


There were string rays and “supposedly” harmless baby sharks. Like I would believe that. And I made some new sea friends. I didn’t find Nemo, but I found Sebastien. We had a good time – fo’sure.

But, I didn’t forget y’all. Hello….!

I took you all with me in my heart and prayers.

This week I will try to unpack the wisdom of tracing your talent and calling. They will be brief. Enough said! No matter old you are, its never too late to make a difference people. I leave you with this –

Don’t look where you fell, but where you slipped – African Proverb

Meaning: Don’t look at your mistake: look at what caused it.

Better yet,

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you – Jesus



One Love, One Spirit





What You Do vs. What You are Called to Do – the difference

In my previous post, Clues to Your Calling, I referred to an article, The Call, written by Rabbi Sacks in which he shared the four characteristics to discovering your calling.

Click here to read the full (short) post.

I often had questions. How do I differentiate between what I am good at, what I do, and what I am called to do?

That was a hard question for me to answer. I love stories and in his talk, Rabbi Sacks told shared a personal revelation which resonated with me. He said –

I have known great judges who were also brilliant pianists.

Wittgenstein trained as an aeronautical engineer but eventually dedicated his life to philosophy.

Ronald Heifetz qualified as a doctor and a musician but instead became the founder of the School of Public Leadership at the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

We can be good at many things, but what gives a life direction and meaning is a sense of mission, of something we are called on to do.”

And what is the real test for a calling?

“The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves” ~ Logan Pearsall


All real achievement requires back-breaking preparation. The most common estimate is 10,000 hours of deep practice.

Are you willing to pay this price?

~ Rabbi Sacks



Keep it 100

One love, One Spirit

  1. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, The Call (Vayikra 5778), Rabbisacks.org 

You Don’t Have to Be on the Same Page

Often, we think that to get along, especially in relationships, we have to be on the same page. Well, I disagree.

We are all different. We are each unique expressions of the image of God with different hopes, dreams, and ideas. We each have our own experiences and differentiating nuances in world views. Yes, even when we believe the same thing.

Imagining romantic relationships here – what if her level of spirituality is different from yours? What do you do then? Is it a good match or not? Obviously, one of you has much to learn, yes?

So, being on the same page is not really plausible. What do you do then?

When you are in a relationship or intend to begin a deep one –

You don’t have to be on the same page.

You just have to be reading from the same book.

Here’s why – Continue reading “You Don’t Have to Be on the Same Page”

Power Introductions

God’s greatest gifts are people and He sends his gifts to you when you are about to enter a new level of your mission here on earth. People connect and complete the circle of your destiny.

Whatever it is you are asking God for, it is in other people, in the hands of other people, in the hearts and minds of other people who may very well be right next to you.

But here’s the thing.

God can touch hearts, inspire people to think and favor you. What He won’t do is do the loving and talking for you. God will send you his gifts, his people, his friends. But –

If you don’t pick up the scent of God’s favor through the people he sends who may very well be unconventional; if you don’t love and respect them, they will leave you: they will walk away. And yes, your blessings will too

God said he’d help you. But don’t get it twisted.

If you act like a jerk…you’ll lose them.

Power introductions have an influence on your destiny and here’s why and some examples you can use and build on – Continue reading “Power Introductions”

Done is Better

Done is better than perfect – Greg McKeown

Don’t let your desire to be perfect in execution make you forget what’s most important – your voice being heard – even if you don’t have all the ideas to share yet

It is your voice. Your destiny is in your voice. All you can do is use it to begin touching lives so those lives can touch cities.

You would be right – in an ideal situation, getting everything together, all the ideas, the learning before sharing is better. But when there is a fire 🔥 raging, everyone who can lift a bucket must help put it out. Continue reading “Done is Better”


Making decisions is a humbling process, especially if they’re are BIG. Great leaders (Churchill, MLK, Gandhi, Mandela) all had to do it. For it’s in the moment of decision that our destiny is shaped!

You are a great leader. But you have to make big decisions to become great ~ Ish’mael (Destiny Class)

1.) Interestingly, BIG decisions come with equal part sense of EXCITEMENT and TERROR. Like making a big investment, proposing to a loved one, moving to a new city or starting a new venture.

It’s hard to be INDIFFERENT when making these big decisions. If you are truly indifferent, then the decision is probably not big enough. Continue reading “BIG DECISIONS”

Daily Do-er

Anything that needs to be done, should be done right away. 

If you have been reading my blog, you’ll know who said that. But, that’s besides the point. A few days ago, a close, vibrant, healthy, and full of life relative had a seizure in the middle of a conversation with a fellow nurse.

All she remembered was drawing a blank and then falling, unable to do anything.

“Man is like a breath: his days are like passing shadows” – Psalms 144:4

She had several seizures. I think I was naive when I called to find out how she was doing. Since I didn’t know how bad seizures are, I began our phone conversation with high spirits. But, when I heard my cousin’s voice and found out she could barely open her mouth to eat, could barely move, could barely stand, was terribly shaken….I froze.

And then all she could mutter was death. She said in pidgin-English –

Death is easy. Death is easy. I saw it…I saw it…

That’s when I knew it was bad. She kept talking about it and I just froze. All she wanted to do was tell me to live. She wanted me to know –

Anything that needs to be done should be done right away.

If you have a vision, do it right away. No matter how much you learn about sugar, it makes no difference until you taste it, at which point you get it.

Be your best and empower people. That’s the best you can do in the here and now.

We thank God she is alive. In the words of Louis, “Life is too short to be boring.”

H. Jackson elaborates on “Life is too short to be boring” when he says,

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

So do what needs to be done.

Start with family (Family is gold)

Do it right away!!!



One Love, One Spirit,

Stay Humble! Stay Strong!

Life is not full of surprises: YOU ARE!


[PS: Please, put her in your prayers. Name is Saaghe]

Photo courtesy of @frulouis (instagram).

Start Before You Are Ready

When I had the vision and started building #Threelly (www.threelly.com), I had no idea what I was doing or if it will even succeed.

But I STARTED nonetheless

Fast forward a few moons ahead, the site is up running, a vibrant community has been built curating and slicing some of the best videos on the web to expose hidden ideas. Had I waited to be ready, this will never have happened.

1.) Most people wait for the perfect timing before they do anything. Perfect timing to start a business, finish school, get married, be happy, e.t.c. Perfect timing doesn’t exist and any person looking for one is simply just making excuses to avoid taking action.

2.) A Chinese proverb reminds us

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” .

3.) So, stop making excuses! Stop waiting for the PERFECT time! Stop waiting to be ready! Start taking action! Start now! Start small and grow!



Stay Humble! Stay Strong!

By Fru Louis

#frulouis (instagram)


Takes Two To Tango

Be the best you can be.

Engage in self-refinement. Learn. Grow. Take risks. Try new things. Become the best possible person someone else would want to spend time or spend their lives with.

Learn all you can about dating; about marriage, about being a good spouse, a good parent. It will certainly pay off.

But, if there is something more important to consider, it is this – Continue reading “Takes Two To Tango”