In the Circle of Vision which I wrote before this, I established that where there is no platform for a type of dream or vision, one has to be built.

A personal dream or vision will be difficult to actualize or fully realize without any national visionary platform to support those dreams and visions. And where there isn’t one – if there is no national visionary platform for freedom, a specific dream, or genre of skill, then the dreams and visions of the people perish.

And –

If there is no platform, then one would need to be built.

Someone or some people will have to put their own dreams and visions aside to pursue the vision of building a platform for a people’s collective and individual visions to stand on.

Someone! Anyone – has to pay the price to build it.

Once that happens, then that volunteer can return to dreaming and journeying to establish personal visions in whatever field they chose or began.

In this post, I share one of my favorite examples. It involves soccer. More than that – women’s soccer. I was raised by women, cared for by women and supported by women. Plus, my brother played professional soccer in Europe.

So yes! I am passionate about soccer and Women’s Soccer for that matter.

It brings out the NINJA in me. Continue reading “SOMEONE HAS TO!”


I am passionate about developing God given ideas and destinies. But, I don’t just write and talk about it. I just don’t talk about family and relationships. I actually do it myself. I share things I learned from God adventures and lessons I am sipping-in, in real time. My close friend, Louis and me, have been building a social network curating platform that is getting some buzz now. It started as a game, a concept. But now, its for real. Continue reading “WALKING THE WALK”


What a small world!

I have been in Los Angeles for a year now and it has been refreshing. Often, I have been driving around with family folk, hiking across coast lines from one beach to the next, biking for hours, sightseeing, making new friends, and trying new things. Plus, I am a foodie and California offers variety. Its awesome except for traffic. My goodness…traffic! And you know what…? Continue reading “SMALL WORLD”


I love God. I love his Son. I just do. I love the way HE works. It borders on weird – believe me. But, one could argue that weird means special in a different way.

Sometimes, I don’t know how to tell Him how I love him and appreciate Him. I love giving compliments. I don’t know what kind of compliment to give him.

So, the best compliment I give Him at this point in my life is to say – Continue reading “DO IT AGAIN!”


Our culture today wants us to be the same. The tell is obvious. See the movies, TV shows, billboards and you’ll know. The invitation is tempting. The pull is strong. As things change you must change – they say. Lets be united – they add. Let’s all be the same – the devil behind it insist. Continue reading “I’M BLUE. I’M BLACK. I’M GOLD!”


I remember when I first came to know the Lord. For me, it was quite the experience. I had a zeal to study and to pray after that. I remember this one night. We had spent an entire night praying, singing, and just being in his presence. It was beautiful. Its normal for folks where I grew up. It was then that that still small voice whispered – Continue reading “POSITIVY SHOES”