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Lesson 1: Leverage Your Challenges

Today, I begin unpacking some lessons that I learned and those that were reinforced during my social media absentia. Before that, I must confess –

I have stepped back from social media and I am just enjoying friends, family, and new connections in real time. Still on a people high, folks. Wooo…

Anywho…back to Lesson 1.

If you have been reading my post, you may remember that one of the challenges I faced was finances for tuition. I explained the unforeseen circumstances that wrapped itself around my dilemma, making me seemingly powerfulness to do anything. Here’s what I didn’t tell you.

In search for help,

I walked from one business to the next asking business owners for financial support. Not too long ago, I biked from one city to the next doing the same thing. I applied for several scholarships online and called non-for-profits for help. They couldn’t help.

I received some promising nods. But, they were temporal. So I kept searching. I negotiated with my school to let me finish my M.A. on the condition that they wouldn’t give my degree or acknowledge my credentials unless I paid the outstanding balance. It took a lot of people and convincing for that to happen. But, thank God it did.

Then, this is what happened a few months after –

I volunteered to do a Peace Facilitation at a Rotary Club and that is where I met *Ada. She inquired about me and learned of some of my challenges. I told her what I had done and asked if I could use my wits in some way to solve problems for a creative scholarship that could be crafted by an individual, group of individuals or organization on my behalf. We brainstormed some ideas and came up with some names to reach out to.

Ada introduced me to Tom*, one of the names we came up with. Tom, in turn, reached out to a couple others. Nothing happened, initially. Then, came along a tall, beautiful, high-class Scottish lady, quite formal in her appearance, speech, attitude, and mannerism.

She encouraged me, began suggesting things I should do, giving me corrections and directions, and reached out to some high profile folks, and eventually brought me to them. Quite the journey I must tell you. Still, the financial problem wasn’t solved.

But, here is the thing.

Doors I never would have thought possible were opened. People I would not have ever thought of meeting were sitting right across from me, chatting with me, challenging me, questioning me, receiving ideas from me, and planning things with me over cold drinks.

Contacts were emerging from unassuming people and places with a desire to simply help. Even though I still had a current challenge, it seems in the midst of these people and ideas I am encountering, my challenge seems less of a problem and more of an opportunity – a solution.

If my challenge was non-existent, would Ish’ have fought the way he has been fighting? Would he have been patient and persevering? Would he have creatively brainstormed ideas the way he did with? I am uncertain.

So, here’s lesson one-

Lesson 1: Shameless persistence! Shameless persistence. If there is no door, build one. Create your own opportunities. Leverage your challenges.

And here’s a thought for you.

Instead of trying to rid yourself of your challenges, rest in them.

Can you do that? Your challenges may just be opportunities in disguise. Calm yourself. Reason with God through it and let’s see what happens. Take baby steps if were you are inspired to. You just might find your challenge to be another invitation to discover that –

Life is NOT full of surprises – YOU ARE!

The one blessing my mom and grandmom gave me was, “You will have many mothers.” Briefly, that means, when things are about to change, if I need help, or if I am entering a new season of my life…one of God’s friends would emerge to help. A mother will emerge.

It seems my challenge was the perfect opportunity for God to bring The Queen of Social, a Prussian dutchess, an executive coach, an outstanding lady… – into my life.

But, that’s a story for another time.

Until then, hang in there.

Stay humble, stay strong.

And be blessed with a week full of good health and prosperity.



One Love, One Spirit

It’s the Final Test. Don’t Get it Wrong!

Reflecting on my adventure –

As I near – The Promised Land – I can see it. I see the difference and I can see why its hard. I see why it’s counterintuitive. Don’t get it wrong.

First, let’s see what you think.

In the Books of Exodus and Numbers, we read about journeys. They are strikingly similar and hard to tear apart. In both books, the people of Israel are on the journey which ends in sin and then, destruction. In Exodus, its the golden calf and in Numbers, the story of the spies. In both, God threatens to destroy them and restart the journey with Moses. And in both, Moses pleads for Israel.

Now, the difference. According to Rabbi Sacks, in Exodus, the people are departing while in Numbers, they are arriving. They have left Egypt far behind. Unlike in Exodus, in Numbers, the people are not looking back or thinking of the danger they are fleeing from (Egyptians chasing them at the Red Sea, Amorites etc.). Instead, they are thinking of the destination they are traveling towards, The Promised Land they are about to enter.

One would have thought that as they approached the promised land after escaping many dangers, they would be more relaxed, happy, fruitful, and less demanding. On the contrary., they become more rebellious. Moses becomes more tired, telling God to end his misery (Numbers 11:6) and is now easily prone to anger and despair. He becomes less likely to listen to God, acting on his emotions instead of swiftly obeying the Lord’s command to “Speak to the rock,” INSTEAD OF striking it.

And reading through it now seems like God is calling me out on it (ouch).

Contrasting both stories reveal that –

There are two journeys – The Journey from and the Journey to. The journey to is much harder than the journey from

Often, knowing where you are traveling from is not helpful but still doesn’t hinder your progress. At least, during the emotional moments of the adventure with God, its something you hold onto. It becomes the benchmark for what you are going through. The reason for your anger at God.

It becomes our “In Egypt, we had cucumbers, meat and much to eat. Why did you bring us out here to starve” type of complaint. In the final stretch, the uncertainty of your journey into the destination becomes hard to ignore. The mere thought of it may leave you overwhelmed and unfocused.

In Israel’s case, they made mistakes, had “Too much fear and too little faith.” They focused on the Journey From instead of the Journey To. The forgot to remember the destination. This honest, simple, emotional, and momentary error single-handedly cost them their chance to enter the destination the walked 40 years for. That error costs them the intuition they needed to pass the final test to enter the blessing.

And that test was the ability –

To distinguish between an opportunity to be seized and a temptation to be resisted.

On the Journey From, there are often not a lot of opportunities to turn to. One has to depend solely on the Lord. But, in the final stretch, on the Journey To, far many options and opportunities appear.

In fact, the opportunities are so obvious, so clear, and line up so well that if you are still wondering about your Journey From and wishing your present reality felt a little like it, you may miss the subtleties that distinguish opportunity from temptation.

Times like this can be hard. But, I have been thinking. Perhaps the one thought that can help us catch those subtleties and discern the best choice is to ask –

Which option does NOT require any faith?

For without faith, it is impossible to please God… (Hebrew 11:6 – paraphase)

Nuff’ said.



One Love, One Spirit







GOD IS GOOD: my confessions

I don’t know how this is going to go down but I guess I will find out.

I’m not sure how many people read this blog or will ever read it so I will take vulnerability for a test drive. Today I want to be vulnerable. To share my trials, struggles, pains…! This is going to be hard, but l promise to try.

For a while, I have been on a journey with God. To discover something. To prove something. It began when I was 17 and its been a good ride, no lie. I knew it would be a challenge rolling with an unconventional Father, a God of mystery. I knew and I said yes anyway. And lately, the difficulties have been long and hard.

For days, I have just lied down on the carpet looking at the ceiling after midnight, asking myself – what’s the point? What’s the point of everything? What’s the point of my life? Where is God in all this? What is he saying? Does he even hear me? Does his word still stand? Are we still working with it?

If you wandered why I didn’t write something last week, its because Continue reading “GOD IS GOOD: my confessions”