Vision & Mission: The difference & how it helps you develop destiny

In a previous post, I wrote on destiny, what it is, why its so mysterious, and suggestions on how to start. You can read it here.

Having a dream is looking forward, imagining what could possibly be if you use your God-given gifts and talents to do this or that. Having a vision is similar, except the idea you have is a platform. Continue reading


What is Destiny? Making it clear & helping you start well

Destiny is a strange word. Dare I say a strange thing.

Destiny is broad yet narrow. It is close yet far. It is real yet unreal. It is possible when you are in high spirits but daunting, almost impossible, when your happy mood vanishes. You know what it is, yet you don’t. It is such a mystery, isn’t it? But, let me break it down. Continue reading

Poverty is a Mindset

Poverty is just a mindset. Managing what you have is not poverty. Prosperity is simply properly managing and investing or multiplying what you have through laws and mediums related to serving people with a good or service.

To say one lives in poverty is to say–that person in question is trapped in a mindset which is often generational. This mindset says, “We don’t have enough and there is nothing we can do to manage and multiply what we have to get enough.” That mindset says, “Since this is the case, we will not even try—it has never worked for us.” Continue reading