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Vision & Mission: The difference & how it helps you develop destiny

In a previous post, I wrote on destiny, what it is, why its so mysterious, and suggestions on how to start. You can read it here.

Having a dream is looking forward, imagining what could possibly be if you use your God-given gifts and talents to do this or that. Having a vision is similar, except the idea you have is a platform. Continue reading “Vision & Mission: The difference & how it helps you develop destiny”

What is Destiny? Making it clear & helping you start well

Destiny is a strange word. Dare I say a strange thing.

Destiny is broad yet narrow. It is close yet far. It is real yet unreal. It is possible when you are in high spirits but daunting, almost impossible, when your happy mood vanishes. You know what it is, yet you don’t. It is such a mystery, isn’t it? But, let me break it down. Continue reading “What is Destiny? Making it clear & helping you start well”


Inspiration is like a wild stallion, charging about and spontaneously running from one place to the next within the incredible matrix and network of your mind. Inspiration is also as evasive as a cloud. You can see it, sense it, and climb a mountain to touch it. But, hold it—you cannot.

Still, inspiration is like watching a cowboy in a rodeo, attempting to ride a wild raging bull for as long as he can to win the cheer of the crowd and claim the respect and prize of the judges. The thing about riding a wild bull is that you can’t—you can only attempt to do so, for a very short time. You can tame it for the number of seconds for which you ride it. Continue reading “TAMING INSPIRATION”


It was too late. I had blundered terribly. A mistake that left me feeling regret and remorse. By now, the the voice of accusation had evidence against me. Every minute I was reminded of my shortcomings. Someone so precious to me.

How could I let my fears and anxiety get the better of me? How could I take such a great risk because of fears? Who was I and what kind of man had I become? Was I the same person and would I ever be perceived as the man I was before?

As I looked down at myself in shame, wondering what they future would be for me, two voices began a conversation in my head. One of those voices was mine. I listened to the other tell me a story and it is this story I summarize below Continue reading “STORY OF THE WALKING MAN”


So it was, within 3 days, everything fell apart. First, my boss told me I had to go. Next, my application for other jobs and for the army did not make it to the deadline. Then, my lady said no and with good reason. All my business deals came to a stall. I

found haunting mistakes in my first book and had to spend more money to fix it than I used to get it published and then had to stop the publishing altogether. And just when I thought that was it, my landlady told me that I had to be out soon.

Finally, my car, my last love, my bed and breakfast, broke down and it took more than half of my savings to fix it. This is the word that described how I felt – Continue reading “TRAVELING TWICE IN ONE JOURNEY”


“Genius (every great work of art) is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration,” said Thomas Edison, the famous inventor credited with over 1000 patents. Steve Harvey, a successful comedian and TV host explained it this way, “Success is like struggling to get to a hundred push-ups and holding the position at a hundred for the rest of your life” Continue reading “THE NEED TO BRING YOUR DREAMS TO LIFE”