How Prayer Whips You into Character like a Rehearsal

Professional athletes, dancers, actors, painters, writers, and performers have to engage in rehearsals of some kind before the real performance. Simply reading martial arts will do you no good when you are face to face with a thief who just nicked your last dollar.

That martial art knowledge has to become second nature to the bones and muscles that have to use it. That’s were practice, which is a form of rehearsal, comes in. Let’s use the example of an actor.  Continue reading “How Prayer Whips You into Character like a Rehearsal”

The Story of the Best Zero: how this story taught me courage

Fear is a speed-bump. But don’t let fear become a STOP SIGN!!! – John Maxwell

Are you a people pleaser?

Have you ever lacked courage?

Have you ever been so afraid to say NO because of what you thought people would say?

Have you ever been so afraid to something that would hurt someone but help, preserve, and protect your priority, build your reputation, and preserve your dignity?

Are you looking for something that can help you become courageous?

Well, I have a solution for you. Continue reading “The Story of the Best Zero: how this story taught me courage”

4 Tips to Flourish in Life

May you flourish like the trees of Lebanon…and become as famous as the wine of Lebanon.

This is a blessing I read in the bible. Wine has a good rep and the respect of people with class. I can prove it to you. When you think – wine tasting – what comes to mind? Who comes to mind? But I want to focus on the word flourish.

Let the word – flourish – sit in your mind and in your heart for a moment…

Feels good doesn’t it? Continue reading “4 Tips to Flourish in Life”

The Spirit of the ‘Millionaire Generation’

I am not just interested in personal success and achievement. My greatest goal is to be a part of and influence the success, achievement, and greatness of a generation. I long to see a whole generation get this thing right. I long to see a communities of people succeeding together, partnering with the Lord, and working in teams to solve problems and create solutions.

The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope ~ unknown

We are that generation. But, we have to do it together. Here are my thoughts.

Continue reading “The Spirit of the ‘Millionaire Generation’”

The Birth of Belief: the wisdom of repetition

People with perseverance have gone on to achieve what those with genius have not. Repetition is what routinizes faith in action, turning it into a consistent, everyday occurrence. Repetition invokes belief in the heart which is the first and main ingredient for inspiring action. After belief is inspired, faith comes by “hearing” and pursuing the possibility of the words you intend to become. Continue reading “The Birth of Belief: the wisdom of repetition”

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