Thanks for visiting this site. I am a young man from West Africa who really loves people and loves Jesus. My life is about inspiring a generation – my generation.

I want you to know that:

Life is not full of surprises: WE ARE!

I want to co-labor with God to give people hope and help them become whole. It is a pleasure to be a part of His business and process.

The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I love to do this by:

Sharing influential ideas, narratives, testimonies, models, techniques, process, and lessons to empower people to have an epiphany, think like a visionary, develop their destiny, and make their dreams a reality.

Sharing the love, life, laughter, blessings, stories, and counsel of matriarchs and patriarchs – sons and daughters of the soil.

Talking about destiny logistics – Answering God’s call from the future, living life full of love and full of joy irrespective of circumstances; using one’s full potential, while being guided by the Spirit of God.

In life, my niche is people. Valuing people and wishing them life, love, laughter, good health, and prosperity is just WHO I AM.

I invite you to look around, read some stories, and yes, connect with me. I am still learning this blogging thing and I am getting better at it. I hope you find it helpful.


If you don’t know already you can call me Ish’mael.

No, its not the character from Moby Dick. Seriously, that’s my name.

And thanks to my crazy awesome friends, you can also call me Ish’, Ish-the-fish, or Jolie Thorax. Please, Let’s Connect!

It certainly would be a pleasure making your acquaintance.


God bless you.