Lost in the Real World

Happy 4th folks.

It’s been a while. But thank God, I’m alright.

I haven’t been on social media for two weeks. The horror!

However, terrifying that was, I learned many things. And many miracles happened, see.

First, time is so precious and limited. I had so little time to do all I needed and eliminated social media to rid the distractions and focus. My goal was to capture and mine the goldΒ of every minute in every hour of every day while I observed and measured the impact on my relationships.

And let me tell you – amazing results. But, there was still not enough time even after eliminating social media for a bit. On the other hand, there was no shortage of contacts and connections. In fact, I hardly had time to keep up with my old and especially new friends.

I learned much about the people I was meeting and about what they were doing. The opportunities that emerged from mere conversations were mind-boggling. My conversations were real, simple, filling, and refreshing.

I talked with my friends daily and often for hours, cracking jokes and laughing so loud it messed with my neighbors. These opportunities for relationship and growth are so numerous I bought a Planner to set times for both tasks, phone calls, and meetings.

During these odds weeks, I would meet one person and one thing led to the next and then something else happened. It felt like a domino effect.

I met U.S Secretary of Labor nominee, Andrew Puzder, was adopted as grandson to a British Grandma who was married to Prussian Royalty, was invited to The oldest business clubs in LA and in the world, met a family of inventors that created a machine for picking grapes, went swing dancing with friends and a beautiful lady (Yes), led a TV graphics crew under the supervision of Baby (another friend whose name is actually Baby)…and loads of others.

I have been lost in the real world and it feels surreal. I have loved it so much, I am wondering if I should get back to social media.



I see God’s fingerprints all over it as he brings all things together. All of it has been the result of his goodness.Β What’s weird about all this is the less I do, the more I see God do. I don’t get it. I just show up or take a baby step in faith and viola…domino effect. So strange.

I still don’t know how God is going to pull off that miracle I have been praying and believing for. Only He can do it. But, at this point, I’m not worried. I have given up my desire to know how it will happen. I have given up my willingness to understand. I have chosen to simply be, to enjoy the moment, to enjoy my people, to rest, and to let God.

I will be unpacking the lessons from the past two weeks.

Until then, a tip for you.

God’s promises are true. And though we often pray to ask, we often miss the most important thing in the process. We forget to believe while we pray. It’s about trust, not understanding. Have faith. Even a little is okay. Remember to believe while you pray. Take the baby steps he inspires you to. God loves you.Β 

One more thing.

Don’t try to fix what is not broken. In Christ, you are not broken. You are a new creation. Yes, there is brokenness, but you are not broken. You are new and you can only discover what’s new about the new man, the new you. His Majesty will do the healing on the inside and culture your old man’s habits into new man habits and beliefs as you are transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12).

Meanwhile, start your thinking from here –

Life is NOT full of surprises, YOU ARE!



One Love, One Spirit


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