Discovering the Vehicle for your Calling

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Let’s go back to – Catalina Islands…for a sec

One of the most fascinating creatures on God’s green earth that I met was Jesse.

Meet Jesse – (So cool)


Jesse is an epiphany. She redefines coolness. She had that cool, colorful, Malibu groove going on. She is graceful, calm, charming, lovely, wise, intuitive, respectful and one fine sister who really loves Jesus. Don’t judge. Just bragging about Jesse is all.

While facing the beach we engaged in a conversation to inquire why we were each glowing. And no…it wasn’t love at first sight or last sight (though if Jesus made it possible…okay…I should stop now). Just kidding.

We swapped stories and compliments. Then, Jesse shared her dilemma. She didn’t know what her calling was. She wanted to know what it is God was inspiring her to do and how to do it. She was a sophomore in college but wasn’t sure what to chose for a major. I listened and we just talked and swapped experiences. Then, our talk went something like this  –

Ish: What do you hope to achieve in life?

Jesse: I want to help people.

Ish: Okay. Let’s go deeper. What does that look like? What does helping people look like to you? What is supposed to be the outcome in people’s lives that you helped them? What impact do you want to see in their lives 10 years down the line because you helped them today?

Jesse: I want to make them feel better in…

Ish: Cool. In what area of their life do you want to help people? You can make people feel better in different ways. You can help them feel better in a financial sense, inspirational sense, family sense, medical sense, business sense, entertaining sense….what is your preference? In what way do you want to give your help?

(Jesse told me what she wanted but was worried about choosing a major. When she did, this followed -)

Ish: Jesse? The beautiful thing about Catholic tradition is that you are taught servant leadership. You are taught to bring heaven to earth. You are thought to instinctively turn a vision to a mission. Without being aware, you have successfully turned the vision of wanting to help people in this specific area into a mission. You are literally doing it. Can you see that?

Jesse: Oh…

Ish: And that’s all it is. Your calling to your mission. You can fulfill that mission now and at any other time as long as you meet and connect with people. You can apply that mission to your family, community, friends, and so on.  But as you grow, you will need money, a job etc. Yes?

So, this is the big question.

What vehicle would you like to chose to transport that vision turned into a mission? 

Jesse: I guess, I haven’t taught of it that way. A vehicle…

(I didn’t either, but it felt smart when it came out of my mouth and I didn’t mention it)

Ish: Yeah. For example –

McDonald’s vision may be to feed people. Its mission is to do so with tools such as burgers and shakes. But, it needs a vehicle to transport that vision, yes? It uses buildings and sytems to deliver that burger to you. 

Nike is a perfect example. Its visions/mission may be to say help folks develop their inner athlete. Its vehicle is to craft and sell shoes and apparel that transmit the message and make that reality true.

So, what vehicle would you like to use to transport your vision/calling?

Don’t worry about a major. It is just the vehicle. Simply chose which vehicle you would like to transport you and your vision/mission. You can drive downtown in a car, a bus, or take the metro. Same thing with your vision. Your major is just one vehicle.

If you are a student, your mission can help you come to a better vehicle by design. For a working class adult, their mission can help them chose what extra courses to help them keep living a specific mission while making money. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can begin to imagine what to build or write in order to transport that vision/mission.

Does this help? That may be a good start.

But, here’s the cool part.

To be continued…





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