Miracles and Humor at the Beach

Ladies and gentlemen,



Hahaha. Oh my goodness. I missed you guys.

Thank you for all the likes, follows, and comments in my absence. They blessed me and encouraged me. It tells me that what I share is of some benefit to you. Merci…thank you.

But – Listen people – I have been stressed!

Mi familia has been experiencing a sudden stream of trials. We lost our grandma, our cousin is out of work because of a stroke, another in Canada jumped out of her car before it crashed,….phew…#lawdjesus. [Please pray for us]

Its been hardships and heartbreaks. I was so stressed from work, school, project, and life that I started to reach my physical limits. I began having cold breakouts and shiver under anxiety and stress, loosing vision, and having small brain shut downs – literally.

When this happened, its as if our Lord was telling me to stop – everything – and retreat with him. The moment I said yes, I received a message from an organization with a scholarship to visit the wild side Catalina Islands. My first question was – “Is Catalina Islands in the United States?”

“Duh” – its in California just 30 minutes away from by seas. And people, let me tell you something – wild and beautiful. I enjoyed the –  No cellular service – part.

While I was there, I experienced cool things. On my beach walk, I walked into an eagle eating fish. When I said – “hey bro, how are you doing?” it flew away. I’m not sure if it was being racist or was just scared of a brother.

Then, I sat down and just worshiped and came up with a new song. Then I saw something swimming and shouted, “Dolphin…hey dolphin. Come say hello.”

Yep, you guessed right – it wasn’t a dolphin. Turns out, it was a flippin’ baby sea lion.

Cute right?

That’s what I thought too.

Not until I was like, – “Oh wait, its a baby sea lion. W…a…i….t a minute. Where is its mother? Oh wait, where is the mother?” Hey, I was man enough to run okay. That’s what real men do.

Then, on my beach walk back, I got trapped by high tides that flooded the shores and my path, closing in me into the rocks with a rock hill behind me.

So – I was trapped at the beach with a rocky hill behind me that I couldn’t climb, closed in by high tides, threatened by waves, watching a baby sea lion missing its mother within a few yards away from me. 

Ha…! I almost called my mom. What? That’s what real men do when they are in trouble – hello, 21st century here (lol).

Then, I got a new nickname too – Motown!

That’s right. Its all about that Old Skool people. Its all about that Patti LaBelle. The name was given to me by three tough ladies who went kayak racing with me. Yep – they won…hmm…the first time, because I let them. I’m telling the truth.



I made friends, played Mafia for the first time and kept throwing everyone off their game because I laugh all the time and no one figured that out about me. I told them – Listen, I am a happy man – and they didn’t believe me.

But, here’s what amazed me.

This young lady kept following me to talk. Then another guy. Then they engaged me in conversation. We talked, for a while and I shared a bit of my story and what God has done for me. And let’s just say it led to two of them committing their lives to Jesus.

Then, I spoke with two of my Catholic sisters and some wisdom just came out of my mouth regarding tracing their calling and it blew us away. Blew my mind. I knew I wasn’t that smart. And during a confession-discussion time, they used the “exact” words I shared with them. It was so honoring being a vessel even at rest. God is so…good y’all.

Did I mention I went snuckling? Woot woot…this guy is trying new things. Well…okay, I didn’t put the googles on and I used a board.


There were string rays and “supposedly” harmless baby sharks. Like I would believe that. And I made some new sea friends. I didn’t find Nemo, but I found Sebastien. We had a good time – fo’sure.

But, I didn’t forget y’all. Hello….!

I took you all with me in my heart and prayers.

This week I will try to unpack the wisdom of tracing your talent and calling. They will be brief. Enough said! No matter old you are, its never too late to make a difference people. I leave you with this –

Don’t look where you fell, but where you slipped – African Proverb

Meaning: Don’t look at your mistake: look at what caused it.

Better yet,

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you – Jesus



One Love, One Spirit





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