Clues to Your Calling & Destiny


How does one find out what their calling, their vocation, or their destiny is?

This is a question I battled with and sometimes still battle with.

It is quite a journey and for me it has been hard and it has taken me over 8 years to put – some of it – together. In the beginning, it was blurry. I just knew what page God was on in my book of life and destiny and where in the future he was calling from.

But, like Father Abraham, I had no idea what to do, where to go, or how to go about it. It was a cold call – cold turkey.

My journey has been about learning the nuances of “God’s call to us” and sharing the process. It has involved stepping out of myself to see the work and the hand of the divine working on myself while doing life myself.

It now involves sharing what I have experienced to be the MOST IMPORTANT pieces to keep in mind or work with in order to help friends, family, and others make that practical shift and take action not on their own, but as a community.

That’s why I started this blog.

Recently, while listening to Rabbi Sacks discussing a weekly bible portion on Leviticus, he shared some thoughts and clues to identifying your vocation which I thought was awesome. I saw myself in the process. In his article, he quoted the late Michael Novak in, Business as a Calling: work and the examined life, shared these four characteristics to identifying your calling:

Firstit is unique to you.

Secondyou have the talent for it.

Thirdit is something which, when you do it, gives you a sense of enjoyment and renewed energy.

Fourthdo not expect it to reveal itself immediately. You may have to follow many paths that turn out to be false before you find the true one.

*Does this give you any idea as to what your calling is? Does it clue you in? What came to your mind when you read this? I hope at the very least, it helps you.

Next, I will post on the difference between what you are good at, what you do, and what you are called to do.

Until next time, I wish you good health and prosperity.



Keep it 100

One love, One Spirit

  1. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, The Call (Vayikra 5778), 

2 comments on “Clues to Your Calling & Destiny”

  1. Here’s an insight into knowing your calling.
    My sheep hear my voice… and they follow me. (John10:27)
    But to hear, you must be listening. There are so many other distracting voices, that even though God is speaking, we can’t hear what he’s saying. That’s why sometimes God allows us to go through circumstances to get us to be alone with him; so we can be still and listen as he speaks.
    Don’t be driven by any form of passion, school, work or play.
    Cattles and Goats are driven, but the sheep hear and they follow.
    For as many as are led by the Spirit… The Shepherd leads the sheep follow. (Romans 8:14).

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