First, Improve the World before Perfecting Yourself – here’s why

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And…Its all about timing

I know, I know…sounds like marlarkey – meaningless talk, nonsense…! But, I assure you, it isn’t it.

In the previous post, Your Calling vs. Your Mission, I shared the following quote:

Improving the world around us comes before perfecting our own inner world ~ Mendel Kalmenson

Then I asked the question –

Did you notice the twist in that quote? Well, did you?

Its true. Transformation begins on the inside before it can be expressed on the outside. It only makes sense to work on yourself first before you work on the world. One must blow the flames of God’s word and God’s call in their souls first so that the heat of their fire can bring warmth to those around them.


Do you have to “perfect” yourself first to before improving the world around you? When a house is on fire, anyone who can carry a bucket of water to put out the flame is required to.

When you work on yourself and obtain some wisdom, knowledge, or understanding, begin improving the world around you. Find a need, a problem and speak or write or contribute a thought, an idea, an alternative to it.

You have little to share. God can multiply your two loaves and five fishes to feed the 5000. Have faith to share the little you have. That’s all he needs

You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to perfect your craft to do something. Perfecting yourself means focusing largely on yourself most of the time to build up strengths and develop weaknesses. It means perfecting your craft before crafting something to share.

But, that means the world around you will keep burning and sobbing because you “voice” is silent. That voice may be public speaking, art, singing, comedy, acting, painting, drawing, teaching, writing, blogging, designing, finance…you know yourself.

By the way, perfect may never be attained. Any true master knows there must remain a student of life and their craft. So –

If you have come to a point where you can offer something, do it. Start now! If not now, when? If not you, who? If not here, where?

Don’t forget –

Done, is better than perfect 

And though it is necessary to work on yourself, it is NOT required for you to become perfect to offer what little you have that is currently needed to put out the flames of evil confusing beautiful souls and destroying your part of the world.

Its all about the timing. 

Work on yourself first. Do good work yes. Push to be excellent, to be perfect – yes! But, prioritize your decision to improve the world around first, before pushing to be perfect.

Ideas inspire! Actions achieve




Keep it 100

One love, One Spirit


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