The Four Way Test

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Listen! You are light and you are life. You cannot be hidden. Bloom! Shine!

Jesus said that “You are the light of the world” and “A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

If the light of the world lives in you, that makes you light too. If the one called wonderful dwells in you, that makes you wonderful too. But –

So what? How does it help your people and the community that you are life, light, and wonderful?

Nourishing key relationships and your sphere of influence is the pivot of fulfilling destiny and potential. Infuse life and light into your interactions in such a way that it creates a ripple effect (Read – Make the Most of Your Nuclear Reactions here).

Below are four process logistics that can help you practice how to craft and effectively point the torch of your words into the dark nuances of each person’s individuality and situation.

Regarding the things you think, say, or do- ask yourself:

1) Is it Truth? Truth telling is fiercely inculcated into soldiers. If an army pilot was about to be sent on a mission and his engineer told the pilot his F-14 was fully fueled when it wasn’t, that “small lie” could get the pilot killed.

NB: Don’t confuse true and truth. E.g: it is true that you lied. But, the truth is that you are not a liar. It is true that you messed up. But the truth is you are an excellent person and that mistake does not define you. Don’t just speak what is true. Instead, focus on speaking “the truth” to people. That has life in it. 

2) Is it fair to all concerned? A renowned industrialist said, “If you can’t do it for all, don’t do it at all.” Also, consider listening first and pointing the torch of your words in a way that fits into, releases life, and shines light into the dark nuances of each person’s individuality and situation. Yes, use words.

3) Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Read – The Main Attraction. We can heal or bring a little redemption to the word with words that infuse life and meaning. We can also create a world with words (See – Your Word is a Human Being).

4) Finally, will it be beneficial to all concerned? Its not how many people you touch but how deeply you touch them that causes a ripple effect of positive influence. If they are touched deeply with your life and light, it will affect their families (current or future). And then their communities. And you will always be on their minds as they grow, even if you stop growing. Also, in the words of King Leonidas, “Choose your next words carefully: they may be your last.”


In conclusion, this test can be summarized by meditating daily on Philippians 4:8 –

Think on things that are true, honest, just, lovely, pure, excellent, virtuous, worthy of praise…and put them to practice

Enough said!



Stay humble, Stay strong

One Love, One Spirit.

Life is NOT full of surprises, YOU ARE!

The Four Way Test – courtesy of Rotary International

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