Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Suffering brings courage – 1st Female African President (Ellen J. Sirleaf)

Things get tough. You won’t always feel like yourself. You may feel overpowered by unwanted thoughts. You may lack the strength to encourage yourself in the Lord. You may lack the motivation to be relentless.

1) Even so, keep pushing, keep talking. If necessary, “Be still and know…” just be still for its own sake. Say nothing. Do nothing. Just be.

2) Big decisions are a culmination of small actions. Just do them – do the little things.

3) In the words of Rabbi Sacks, “First build a future. Only then can you mourn the past. If you reverse the order, you’ll be trapped in the past.”

4) If you are already trapped in the past, only one thing’s left for you – confront it. Invite Jesus with you into that moment. Ask him to help with the load. He will.

5) Most of our – feeling: stuck, trapped, heavy, unable, afraid, tired…, can be overcome with one thing – a small decision to put our best foot forward.

And that might simply mean – talk to someone, tell someone the secret, be honest, request your counterparts blunt response, send a text message, make that phone call…! From the album, Time to Advance, by GOZ (#11), my favorite part reads:

Say goodbye to the would have, could have, should have…So long to the might have been’s…! Say hello to the never thought I could have…, put your focus on the run ahead

“Say” is an action. Just mere words. But you see, for the above to become a reality for you,  it’ll may help if perhaps you considered that:

Opinions create discussions. Choices make decisions – Jesse D.

Put your best foot forward. Start by saying something.

Keep it positive though.



One love, one spirit

Stay humble, stay strong

Life is NOT full of surprises: YOU ARE!

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