Done is Better

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Done is better than perfect – Greg McKeown

Don’t let your desire to be perfect in execution make you forget what’s most important – your voice being heard – even if you don’t have all the ideas to share yet

It is your voice. Your destiny is in your voice. All you can do is use it to begin touching lives so those lives can touch cities.

You would be right – in an ideal situation, getting everything together, all the ideas, the learning before sharing is better. But when there is a fire 🔥 raging, everyone who can lift a bucket must help put it out.

Well, there is a fire raging. The fires of negativity, assimilation, attack against the faith, conformity that destroys creativity, and all other factors (driven by fear) that want to erase everything good.

But, your faith in God and your mission on earth – the good works you are called to – is what destroys the evil, the fear, and terrifies the source of fear.

Focus on the main thing – let your voice be heard. If you know what a, b c or z means, you know enough to start sharing. So –

1) What have you done to change the world since the last second you just read this?

2) You mean to tell me that you just became one day older and you have done nothing to make the world a little bit better? Nothing to bring redemption to it and it’s inhabitants?

Listen! Even a Facebook post, blog post, a phone call, text message with an encouragement…is good enough. Don’t forget to send one to yourself.

In an ideal situation, perfect is good.

But right now my friends, Done is better that perfect!



Stay humble, Stay Strong!

One Love, One Spirit!

Life is NOT full of surprises, YOU ARE!

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