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Making decisions is a humbling process, especially if they’re are BIG. Great leaders (Churchill, MLK, Gandhi, Mandela) all had to do it. For it’s in the moment of decision that our destiny is shaped!

You are a great leader. But you have to make big decisions to become great ~ Ish’mael (Destiny Class)

1.) Interestingly, BIG decisions come with equal part sense of EXCITEMENT and TERROR. Like making a big investment, proposing to a loved one, moving to a new city or starting a new venture.

It’s hard to be INDIFFERENT when making these big decisions. If you are truly indifferent, then the decision is probably not big enough.

2.) Most of us are comfortable with the sense of excitement, but not so with the sense of terror and fear that comes with making big decisions. So, we quit on ourselves and our dreams when fear kicks in. But again, you have to want your DREAMS more than you fear your FEARS in order to succeed in life.

3.) It’s only by taking action, and making those big decisions, whether feeling excited or terrified with fear that one has any chance of changing/influencing reality. You have to make those decisions with courage and conviction (and even doubt) in order to replace words like…

I – [wish, need, can’t, trying, hope, should] with words like, I – [have, enjoy, can, choose, love, like]

LeAnn Squier said running in circles is going nowhere fast. I agree and I believe decisions are what break you free and set you loose to run and never hide ~ Ishmael (Destiny Class)

So, start TODAY. Make those BIG DECISIONS!


One more thing,

Don’t make big decisions for others. Where the decision is big, there is a greater need for volition on the part of the one who lives out the decision. 



Stay Humble! Stay Strong!

One Love, One Spirit

Life is NOT full of surprises, YOU ARE

~ Collaboration – Fru Louis (@frulouis) & Ishmael (@joliethorax)

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