Takes Two To Tango

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Be the best you can be.

Engage in self-refinement. Learn. Grow. Take risks. Try new things. Become the best possible person someone else would want to spend time or spend their lives with.

Learn all you can about dating; about marriage, about being a good spouse, a good parent. It will certainly pay off.

But, if there is something more important to consider, it is this –

It takes two to tango

No matter how well you prepare or how lucky you are to be prepared: no matter how perfect you become or how well you have it all together – long-term relationships will always take two.

You can’t carry it forward by yourself. Be free. Let the other person be free. Allow yourselves to make choices to be together – daily. That brings out the beauty of love and connection.

Plus, you can only invest in yourself. Even if you work hard to be perfect because you are looking for or hoping to find the perfect other, the only one you can “perfect” or control is – you.

The other person will be a separate and completely different human being with their own freewill, desires, wants, concerns, interests, and so forth. That means at anytime, they reserve the right to leave if they chose.

We have freewill. We have no choice ~ Isaac Singer

After all, if the other person chooses to leave (excluding marriage), we can’t say its their fault. People have to make choices that works best for them, right?

So, it definitely takes two.

That’s no news or revelation. But, it helps to say it sometimes.

So, I have been mustering this thought –

Why wait to be perfect or have it all together before you find you someone, when you can find someone now and you both tango your way to getting it right and becoming “perfect” together?

Okay…I’m done with my musing.

But, before you go, I have a question for you.

Which is more important:

(i) Marry the one you love OR (ii) Love the one you marry

Can you share with me why in the comments below?

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