A 2018 SPECIAL (Just for You)

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Howdy folks,

Welcome aboard 2017 Airways, Flight 365 days.

I believe you have your tickets, stamped – PRAYER – ready.

We’ll be flying at 100% success capacity and 30,000ft above failure level.

Tighten your seat belts and relax as we are about to take-off with our pilot – Jesus Christ – to 2018.

Welcome aboard! This is your Pilot speaking…

We shall be passing through divine appointments,ย  divine set-ups, and prosperity.

We’ll have a lay over at Blessings Airport for a quick divine transition to Flight Destiny at about 11:50pm where we’ll be flying into and counting down as we touchdown at our 2018 destination at exactly 00:00.

You and your family will surely land safely at the 2018 International Airport where we hope you’ll toss to mead and kiss loved ones welcome into a new season of their lives. As we proceed to the runway, please –

Direct your attention to two of your flight attendants who will tell you what to do in case of an emergency.ย 

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is Ish’mael and Denon, your hosts for the flight. We’ll be serving you.

Please have your seat belts – the belt of Truth – ready at all times as we take off from 2017 and descend into 2018. As you enter the new year –

Never stop looking for what’s NOT there. Opportunity is actually what’s NOT there

Its been a tough year for some of you. But, that’s okay. So –

First, build a future. Only then can you mourn the past. If you reverse the order, you’ll be stuck in the past – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Be thankful…really thankful…for your “real” people – your family and friends. Be thankful. Carry them with you in your hearts wherever you go. Their love and blessings are a powerful spiritual force that propels.

At the end of the day, the flash and money is meaningless if you forget the reason for your adventure.

Success is not about destination. But, its not about the journey either. Its about THE PEOPLE on the journey to your destination. People are the main attraction

One more thing!

Never let anyone tell you you can’t. You can. If there is anything I am thankful for this year, its this – I haven’t given up. I haven’t given up on that call and divine invitation. Its been hard, but – HERE I AM!

They tried to kill us. We survived. Now let’s eat!!! – Jewish saying

Never let what was said or done to you derail you. 90% of the battle is mental. Like some of you, I was called a bastard. For years, believed I was a bastard. Suffered mental torture from the memories of childhood sexual abuse. Lost two of my best friends. Was abandoned by dad and I’m only now overcoming the challenges of growing up without any clues to boundaries, self-esteem, proper functional structures from abandonment.

But –

Here I am! and there you are! – STILL STANDING – A Walking Man, a Walking Woman.


If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, please comment and hit the “Send” button to get ahold of a flight attendant.

Do that and we’ll be right with you.

We are saved to serve – Alma Mata Creed

We hope you enjoy your flight with us to 2018.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy. And finally, we want to assure you –

Life is NOT full of surprises – WE ARE! You are!


May missed and unclaimed blessings you forgot at the 2017 Airport catch up to you at destination 2018. May God cause his angels to guard you and his Spirit to guide you in ALL things. May this year be the best of many years. And may it be full of surprises.

This is Ish’mael at Destiny Class saying –

I love you and God be with you. Once again –

Happy Happy New Year!

L’Chaim (Cheers – TO LIFE)

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