Okay! Question.


If you planned on visiting Hollywood and actually did, what would be a memorable experience for you? Would it be –

  1. Going up to take a photo at the Hollywood sign
  2. Hiking on the “Walk of Fame” on Hollywood Boulevard – OR –
  3. Actually walking into or meeting and talking with a Hollywood star?

[Share your answers in the comments]

~ $10 says you go for option 3 ~ (Any wagers?)

But, here’s my point.

A place is NOT about the place: its about the people in that place

[Me and Anthony Anderson chit-chating about life]What makes Hollywood, Hollywood, are the people who live in Hollywood. What makes any place what it is are the people who live in it. Sure, there might be some natural and man-made attractions that form the intrigue of your vacation.

But, at the end of the day, its the people in the place – the people of the place whom you meet, talk to, become friends with, and spend time with – that make your time in “that place” worth it. What makes you want to revisit are the experiences you have with those folks you met and dined with. Won’t you agree?

Its my belief that to become the type of people we need to be to enjoy what we do and to fulfill our God-given destinies, we need to learn this one thing –

Learn to love people. Learn to prioritize your time with them above all other attractions. The adventure and experience of any place or thing is IN THE PEOPLE in any place you want to visit. They are the MAIN attraction. Visit other attractions but make sure to spend some good time with the main attractions – the people.

That’s been my goal. I really love people. I just love to meet and talk to folks and hopefully form lasting relationships with them. Its fulfilling and it somehow gets me closer to my destiny. And that folks – is the unintended consequence.

That said, meet Brenda Duran ~ a.k.a – Breduvi (instagram)

She is a proud chica from Mazatlan, Mexico who now lives in Redding, California making friends and learning about Jesus. She is an authentic lady, a beautiful soul, a humble heart, a loving presence, a revivalist, a reformer, a loyal friend and yes –  A ROCKSTAR!

She plans to inspire the youth of Mexico to greatness with the help of heaven. And her blog is now 9-months pregnant. That’s right…wait for the breakout people.

Breduvi is my friend. She is family and I love to death and want nothing more than to see her BLOOM and fulfill her destiny. So – we were talking ideas, serving people and destiny…you know…the usual, when she posed an intriguing question.

How do I become more selfless?

A puzzling question from a humble and selfless soul but still, an exciting one.

If people are the main attraction; if the needs of people is the compass for our service and destiny, then it makes sense to become more selfless noh? As one of my favorite modern day rabbi’s puts it,

Where what you want to do meets what needs to be done – that’s where God wants you to be ~ Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

So how do we do it? How do we become selfless?

Here is a thought I reverse engineered from a scripture and have been practicing the output of that lesson for quite some time. Jesus in Matthew 6:19-21 said, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth….For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Look closely at the underlined portion of that scripture.

In plain sight, Jesus is telling us to invest the best of ourselves in the kingdom because of its eternal benefits. Now, look at the scripture again, but this time – backwards. Try to understand it – in reverse. If you do, you will see what I saw. So here it goes –

If your heart will be where your treasure is, then your heart can be where you decide to put your treasure.

Get it?

Using people as an example –

If you don’t like someone, you can learn to like them. Simply take something you treasure and put it in them. And since your heart is drawn to your treasure, you will soon learn to like the person you initially hated because your treasure is in them. You will be drawn to your treasure in them and soon, to them. Though it won’t be an easy transition, your heart will start treasuring the un-treasured because of the treasure you put in them.

That’s because – we tend to like or fall in [agape] love with those we help.

Get it now?

So, how do you become more selfless?

Put your treasure in the place, person, or thing you are trying to like or love. Your heart will subsequently treasure it. If you want to love people or become selfless, ask yourself – What do I treasure? Then, put a bit or more of that treasure in what you want to treasure.

In English –

If you want to love people more; if you want to love someone you hate, if you want to invest in a relationship – simply take things you treasure like money, resources, clothes, time, a listening ear, and words…and invest it in them. That includes uncle Willy whom you want no one to know you are related to.

If you want the transition to be fast,

Put the most precious things in others. Give money, gifts, and a lot of positive, encouraging, and loving words even if it hurts.

After all, an investment is simply deferring instant gratification and that always hurts. Its a sacrifice. I hope this blesses you.

My sister and friend Brenda and me would like to wish you a fun and fulfilling weekend with your people and those you hope to make your treasure. Shalom

One love, One Spirit

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