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Thanksgiving is the reason for the season.

With that in mind, I want to thank The Two Most Important women in my life – Grandma Dinah and Mom. These women sacrificed almost everything to raise me. They would die for me. Thank you so much.

Here’s is an intimate look at my origin through Grandma’s eyes.

She is over 100 and still going.

Zongkra Bigmami (Dialect for Thank you Grandma)

First, I mention them to show you where I came from. Secondly, it is to add life to a  blessing/prophecy they gave me when I was young, a word which is unfolding. And lastly, their blessing connects me to the person this post is about.

What grandma and mom prayed and prophesied was –

“Son, you will have many mothers in your life.”

Its a parable which means –

At every turning point in my life, there will be a mother to watch me, pray for me, bless me, help me, and empower me. When I am down and need help, my mothers will show up. When I need or pray for mentors, they will show up to help or open up the way. They will show up to announce, prepare, and help usher me into a new season of life, no matter how big or small.

And boy, has this been the story of my life. And now, to connect the past to the present –

…meet Sheri Bluebond, Chief Bankruptcy Judge.

Hon. Sheri Bluebond

She is an outstanding woman. And boy, she carries such a powerful presence and authority. She also carries such a pleasantness about life in the midst of that. Its the first thing you’d sense if she walked past you. She is incredibly smart. Yet, she is so humble and fun to learn from.

Her words are sometimes wrapped with some hidden yiddish humor and it makes things fun all the more. She is a mother and yes, she is an authentic Jewess. Royalty in my book!

But, “I’m innocent”

I was introduced to her by a 3rd Gen. Japanese-American artists whom I often take photos and organize art for (love art). Our meeting was the work of the divine. When we met, she did not hesitate to talk to me and ask me to reach out the following week.

Just after a brief conversation, she connected me with professionals in the field of negotiation and mediation. One thing led to another and I was working with Ret. Chief Judges and other top professional inside high rises and in different cities.

Here is the story in pictures –


and these…


So yeah! Its been a lot of fun learning practical skills from the best, in a field I am passionate about. Its something I was born for. That’s just because I love people and enjoy seeing them whole and flourishing. Makes me happy!

It makes me wanna dance

Within a few months, I have learned invaluable life lessons and learned just how important process is, in resolving conflicts, in solving problems and creating solutions. And this experience is still unfolding.

What’s more, the mentorship I receive from these champs is what blesses me the most. That’s why I felt the contribution of Hon. Sheri was too important to highlight this thanksgiving week.

I bet there are several “Sheri Bluebond(s)” in your life. I am talking about complete strangers who liked you for no reason and went out of their way to help you for the sheer joy of it.

You may have been a “Sheri Bluebond” yourself to others. I think folks like that are worth mentioning. Its actions like hers – stopping for ONE – that make God, our heavenly father, look good.

Its actions like yours that inspire hope, cause people to be full of gratitude, perpetuate goodness in the world, and bring glory to God’s name.

And thank you Hon. Sheri for being a god-sent “mother” when I needed it and for helping me get one step closer to fulfilling my purpose in life. You are proof that –

Life is NOT full of surprises – PEOPLE ARE! WE ARE! YOU ARE!

So –

Thank you, your honor. May God cause the works of your hands to prosper and may you also be blessed with much love, life, laughter, and honor. May God bless your children with MANY MOTHERS LIKE HE DID ME so that when you can’t help them, your kids will still receive the same kind of help you would have given them but from different pure hearted givers like yourself. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

And to you ELOHIM –

Baruch Hashem* for Hon. Bluebond! Baruch Hashem for everything! Baruch Hashem. I just wanted to say again – Baruch Hashem

Wishing you all a week full of love, life, laughter, good health and prosperity. Happy Thanksgiving folks 


One Love, One Spirit.

*Baruch Hashem used here means “Thank God.”



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