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Howdy folks,


Still reflecting on stuff! Its been a lazy week for me – because I am still in reflecting mode. But, its been helpful for me to STOP and go back to basics. While at it, I have been reading things I wrote years ago. Perhaps this has been the reason for this season.

And I want to share something which – you already know (I hope).

C. S Lewis wrote –

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

In your soul is the light that gives you life. It may be dim, but that’s the journey most of us are taking. Our souls embody the dreams and visions of grandeur, the essence of our ideas, the motives of our success, and questions of worth and meaning.

When we lose our will to live, we die. When we give up or quit, we become the living dead. When we lose our passion for life and our enthusiasm for a bright future, our faces become dim and we begin to crash into despair and depression.

We need to feed our souls. No amount of YouTube videos, Facebook posts, likes, and looks, will satisfy that longing for connection. No amount of selfie’s, hashtags, and mentions will satisfy our longing for recognition. No amount of physical pleasure will quench our thirst for clarity, identity and meaning which all converge in our souls.

God said –

“It is not good for man to be alone”

Jesus said,

“Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord”

We need words to feed our souls. Words, infused with purpose, construct meaning and connect souls. Such words heal, establish, and reaffirm our existence. Words are spiritual.

We connect, collaborate, and form relationships with words. Our word is our bond. Not in a business sense here, but really, it is. It makes and breaks relationships. It makes and breaks deals. It makes and stops wars. It starts and ends dreams.

Our words take on a new role of inspiring and empowering us when it is infused with meaning from viable and healthy ongoing relationships. Important stuff if you ask me.

It is because of people, especially the people we love and connect with, that we do what we do. It is because of people that we find out what needs are lacking, what problems need to be dealt with, and what solutions need to be crafted.

Finding meaning, purpose for existing, destiny, success in dreams and visions, love and so on…ultimately converge in strong relationships.

Work at making your relationships work. Use your words.

Most of the loneliest people in the world are affluent. Its not their affluence that makes them lonely as Ravi Zacharias explains in one of his talks. Its the fact that said affluence is void of purpose and viable meaningful relationships that were either lost or ignored along the way: those ones that added an emotional and spiritual flavor.

When we do not feed our souls in which lie the source of our life and motivation of truly living, with the word of life and the words of love and belonging from our family, friends, and peers; we slowly deteriorate. And when our souls grow dim, so does our passion, our joy, and our will to live.

I guess what I am trying to say is –

Do not undermine, overtake, or ruin your relationships

Go visit grandma, call your parents, meet up with friends for coffee, discuss your plans with a mentor, offer your skills at a community center, serve at a church, mend broken bridges, and build those relationships.

It will free you to explore yourself and your destiny. The Apostle John wrote – “May you prosper even as your soul prospers”

Prosperity is a product of a healthy soul. A healthy soul is the product of a healthy connection to God and yes, TO YOUR PEOPLE as well.

It’s often said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” But –

Isn’t it ironic that we need our enemies and we need our enemies to be closer in order to be challenged, to grow? Isn’t it ironic that we need them closer, not far away, in order to be safe?

See – even the hater-relationship adds perspective and meaning to some of the things we do.

Everything we will ever do, enjoy, achieve, or regret ultimately converge into one thing – valued, undermined, or under-explored relationships – with God and people, who are the source and motivation; the beginning and the end, of your dreams and visions.


I wish you all a marvelous weekend


One Love, One Spirit


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