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Hello fam –

For a while now, my life has been like a game of pool and my actions like the pool stick. Everything I did felt like I was trying to hit stripped balls into the table’s pockets. Finally, I am at the “8” ball, the last piece for me to play to win the game of pool.

In real life lingo, I can’t figure out what that “8” ball is for me to do so I can complete this season of my life. I am thinking if I can figure it out, I would know what to do to complete this season of my life.

But, it seems God is hinting that it has to do with STOPPING and REFLECTING on my roots. Its as if He is urging me to do this before this circle of my life, which has felt like an evenly matched game between my faith and the forces of evil, ends.

After the shooting in Texas this week, I stopped to think. As I interceded for Sutherland, the Texas Files in my soul were opened. I recalled and smiled at good and bad memories. But, I had to STOP what I had been doing altogether when I received unpleasant news yesterday.

I called to greet my godmother and found she died on September 20th. That’s almost a month and a half ago. I was in shock. And this is happening around the time of my “twin” brother’s one year death anniversary. So, this week, has been interesting.

So, instead of the usual posts about faith, family, process, or developing destiny, I want to remember my godmother, share what she did for me, and some defining lessons from her life as a woman, mother, wife, and missionary.

First, I have to confess.

The first thing that I thought of after hearing the news of her passing was whether I had honestly spent enough time with her


Whether I could have called her more often to just talk and connect. I do my part but I almost felt guilty of not talking to her as often as I wished

Nevertheless. She wouldn’t want me having those feelings.

So, in brief,

This is what Esther Lekunze (Pastor Es as we called her) did for me –

She  led my “entire” family to the Lord. I remember her sharing the gospel with my family. After that, I was at her house everyday learning scriptures from morning till afternoon while we cooked food and then prayed after that. We served folks who came to see her for counsel and prayer. She was a mother of many children.

She was a noble woman. She challenged me to walk the streets of my hometown in Africa testifying of Jesus. Scariest thing I ever did. But, it did something in me.

She challenged me to pray and encourage people with words. Then, it turned to seeing some folks healed. She raised me up a praying man. She raised me in a praying culture. We had something called “All Night Prayer.”

Every Wednesday night to the following morning, Pastor Es, myself and many others from different cities would come to her house every Wednesday, each week, to worship, pray, study the word of God, worship a little more and – WAIT…! Yes – WAIT…

…Until God revealed clearly to us what our marching orders for the next day or week was. We remained in silence waiting for the still small voice to speak within or outside of us. Anything God chose to do. We waited for it. And God always honored us with his powerful presence and revelation. I recorded lots of what He did and revealed in my journals. Many have already happened, like this one.

This practice translated into a lifestyle of prayer and discernment of that voice in everything and everyday life. Pastor Es taught me worship as warfare. She showed me what it meant to be humble, gentle, and loving. She taught me how to lead.

Before I had a problem or when I did, she knew. That’s because big brother J.C always told her. When she received insight from the Spirit of God, she would call to encourage, warn, and comfort. Because of this, I evaded many devilish plans and targets.

She planted a lot of seeds in me. Today, while a few are still being pruned, many have become trees. I am a part of her testimony in heaven. She is now part of my cloud of witnesses in heaven [Pray on with Jesus for me Pastor Es. C’mon girl…wooo…you made it].

To Conclude,

She was only 45. She was not perfect, but she honored God the best she knew. She died in a remote village in Nigeria (not our home country) where she served the poor, needy, widows, and brought the message of reconciliation to the lost in that land. Her favorite preaching line was – repent, time is running out.

Radical trust, passionate and intentional prayer and devotion, and the practice of the presence of God with the utmost joy and sincerity – is the part of her legacy I carry forward

She was truly a – Warrior Princess – for God.

Lessons She left Me before She Died –

  1. Do not approach marriage lightly. One wrong move could ruin everything.
  2. Learn to listen to counsel. Ask God to give you wisdom to know what is good
  3. Accept correction. Admit quickly when you are wrong. Don’t be afraid to change direction.
  4. Don’t rush into things. Be patient.
  5. In the end, nothing else matters. Only the people and relationships you forged and nurtured remain. You carry nothing with you when you die. Only the record of the souls you won for Christ.
  6. Live for him.

There you go fam.

Live for him. Cherish your loved ones. Spend more time with them. Center your life around your most valued relationships – God, family, friends…! Forge new ones. Inspire, love, and reveal the love of God to everyone you meet. Everything else will fall into place.

When moments like this hit you, take time to STOP and reflect. Even before it happens, make decisions to STOP, reflect, connect, and be thankful.

For me, its been a process. I traveled intellectually a few years back to Texas where I was raised the American way. Now, its back several years to Cameroon where I was raised in The Way, The Truth, and The Life. I wonder what this ignites in you.

Thank you Pastor Esther for everything you did for me and my family

Now! As you enjoy paradise, you just sit back on your sofa, sip on your Jamba Juice and watch this kid from your mansion in heaven. Watch how God’s plans for this kid unfolds as you visualized and uttered them with blessings. See you when I see you.

Until we meet again –

One love, One Spirit.

Your Adopted Son – Asaba


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