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Howdy folks!

Are y’all doing alright?

Well! I ain’t! 

First, because of my initial reaction to the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

When I heard of the shooting, I didn’t feel any pain or connection. None! I was angry at myself for not feeling pain. I didn’t know why. Maybe I have been desensitized by TV. Even though I planned to lift Texas up in prayers before bed last night, I forgot.

I felt horrible for forgetting. I’m sorry!

But, in Zumba class this morning, a country song was playing and in that moment, I remembered the shooting. I had completely forgotten about it. Even then, I felt no emotion. No connection. I am embarrassed to even say that.

But when I slowed my dancing pace and looked around at everyone laughing, smiling, and two-stepping to the beat, I wondered –

Is anyone in here thinking about Texas? Do these people realize what happened in Texas in that little church? Why do we feel so detached from this?”

And, that’s when it hit me.

In that moment, I could feel my heart, break. That country song opened up the Texas Files deep in my soul. And in that moment, I left the class and headed home thinking about Texas.

See folks – when I came to this country, I didn’t feel at home until I set foot in Texas. I often tell folks I grew up in Texas. That’s because I REALLY love Texas.

One of my favorite songs is – Deep in the Heart of Texas. I heard it while watching my first live baseball game – and yes – in Texas! Go Rangers!!!

See folks –

I experienced my first – honky-tonk in Texas. I learned the two-step dance in Texas. The first time I twirled a fine cow-girl on the dance floor, it was deep in the heart of Texas. Ouuu…I have goosebumps thinking about that first dance people. Good times!

I first got called Prince Charming from the Hood…[hmm hmm]…deep in the heart of Texas. I first learned how to barbecue in Texas. I was inspired to wear my first cowboy hat and boots in Texas [Proudly made in Texas by Texans].

I got my first job in the original cowboy land of Lubbock, Texas. Trust me! This place is deep in the heart of Texas. I first got called Nigga in Texas. Interesting looks those white folks in San Angelo gave me. Wooo…that was interesting!

I learned and practiced my weak southern drawl in Texas.

At a shopping center, a cashier pretty much announced over the intercom that I had a crush on a young lady who worked at the store. And all I wanted to know was her name. That announcement turned me white when folks starred and did the…aweeeee…!

I almost peed my pants.

And Yes! It happened deep in the heart of Texas [2010].

Hhhhaaaahhhh…Texas! I love Texas y’all. I guess that makes me a Cowboy.

i don't have an accent

See folks – that’s why, at first, I felt heartless when I didn’t seem to feel any sense of loss and pain when I first heard of the shooting in Texas.

Naturally, I am a happy man. That’s my nature in Christ. But today, I feel less than Mello because of the hurt – deep down in my heart – for Texas.

You can take me out of Texas; but you can’t take Texas out of me

Paul in the book of Romans tells us to “Mourn with those who mourn.”

Let’s lend a shoulder for Texas to cry on. LET’S CRY WITH HER. First, it was the hurricane. Now, this! Let’s lift her up today. She has been through too much.

Even if you have been desensitized by the constant barrage of death and wickedness coming through your TV, consider lifting Texas up in prayers. Send her your love. Light a candle. Do something for her and especially for the church and the families that were hurt.

Today Sutherland Springs in Texas and Texans, in general, mourn the loss of 26 of her own. They mourn for the rise of this type of wickedness that is trying to perpetuate this beautiful country with fear. So, let’s pray for Texas. Let’s be the one she leans on today.

We all need somebody to lean on – Bill Withers

To all my family and friends in Texas – Take heart!

I love you. I am praying for you. My condolences to those who lost loved ones in the shooting. I am sorry for your loss. I love you and lift your family up to God for comfort.

And I cry out to him for justice.

And to the shooter –

I hope that you repent someday and turn to God. But, I just have to vent a little. After all, the bible says bring your case to your brother before you bring your offering to the altar.

So -“Mr. Shooter” – I’ll be brief:

You sure are dumber than a box of rocks to go shooting Texans like that. God bless your heart. Start praying that some angry cowboys don’t get to you before the good Texas Rangers do

And to you Sutherland Springs and to you Texans –

Life is NOT full of surprises – WE ARE!

This is the one powerful lesson I discovered on my adventures deep in the heart of Texas. It has become my life’s message. So – thank you for giving it to me. Thank you for Southern hospitality. Thank you for everything! Be encouraged –

I’ll be seeing you real soon


One Love, One Spirit





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