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I confess!

I love dancing and singing.

I really do! Especially when it comes to worshiping God in song.

Me & Jesus


Often, I get lost in it that I forget about time and commitments. That often causes problems.

And that is the dilemma Ale faced recently.

Meet Alejandra

She is a beauty, a dancer, a worshiper, a lover of Jesus, a friend of God, a risk taker, a woman of faith…from Columbia. She is (in typical Ale lingo) – just amazing!

When Ale experienced getting lost in God’s love, goodness, and presence while praising God “in the closet,” she too forgot about her time and commitments with her parents. She got chewed out for it. Trying to find an answer, she asked –

“Ish’, how do I balance worship of God with honoring time and other commitments even though I get so lost in worship and conversation with God during adoration (quite) time?”

At first, I didn’t have an answer. But then it hit me.

Why not make everything worship?

That’s right!

Why not eliminate the balance mindset by trying this upgraded thought? After all, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…” does not sound like balance, does it?

This is how I love to live. I just didn’t realize it until Ale asked. So this became my motto –

Everything is worship and worship is everything

Praying, singing, dancing…in worship to God is great.

But, so is respecting people’s time, honoring commitments, respecting your elders, and respecting authority. So is working, speaking, listening, complimenting, encouraging and the list goes on.

Instead of trying to solely carve out time in a room for God, make everything you do for in your life him.

As important as your quite time with God is to you, equally, make everything else in your life in Christ as important. To the best of your ability elevate everything else you do by releasing the light, salt, and love of God into what you do.

Make everything a little like heaven: “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Everything in heaven revolves around God and yet everything in heaven is beautiful to the utmost because of it. We can do the same. That’s why Jesus taught us to pray “Our Father who art in heaven…thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


When you are eating with your parents, compliment them, your time with them, and compliment the food. When you are listening to others, mute your phone and listen intentionally. When you work, even if its washing dishes, picking up paper, taking out trash…put a smile on your face.

If you are vacuuming, dance while at it. Cleaning toilets? Sing some hymns, songs, or praises. Raise the roof!

I know I do.

Where there is fear and anxiety, use loving, powerful, and praiseworthy words that can drive down fear and anxiety.ย  When you drink tea or coffee – savor every sip, thinking of and blessing the hands that made it. When you eat, breath, relax, and hum with enjoyment at every bite.

In your quite time, God inspires and ignites the best of Him in you. When you are outside doing work and life, infuse that with the life, love, and laughter He ignites in you into everything you do.

If you do that, you elevate what you touch, do, or say to a heavenlyย dimension.

Its just like you do for food. Food is natural. But, when you pray and bless it, you lift it to a spiritual dimension. Its the same for worship.

That’s why we are told to, “Work willingly [with joy, enthusiasm, good attitude, wholeheartedly, with all your soul]ย  at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people” – Col 3:23 NLT (emphasis added)

Whatever you do then, do it intentionally and with excellence such that your words and actions change the atmosphere around you and God’s presence can be discerned or felt as it emanates to the outside from Him inside of you


Ale sends blessings from Columbia

May God’s blessings catch up to you as you rest this weekend







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