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“Its time for the boys to put away their toys and come on in”

Well, that got my attention. It does looks that way when you think about it.

A little back story.

This past weekend, I was at the SCMA conference where I got to listen and meet William Ury, Author of “Getting to Yes,” Adviser to the Columbian President, Internationally renowned Negotiator…!

Okay…you get it. He is a serious and famous fella.

I lied! He is serious with his work and yes, famous. But, overall, he is a nice, humble, and down to earth young man (at heart).

William Ury is NOT the black guy

So, when this legend said “Its time for the boys to put away their toys and come on in,” a quote he heard from a female farmer from Kansas, it resonated with me. Because frankly, Presidents Trump and Kim seem to be playing “Trash talk” and “Pride Wars” with toys which so happen to be nukes.

If you didn’t already know, we (“the people”) are caught in the middle. Hello!

While I am hopeful that President Trump will exhaust all outlets of overt and covert diplomacy, the tension is unreasonably high. Unacceptable? Uhhh…well…I find it somewhat exciting.

HOLD ON! DON’T SHOOT! Hear me out.

This talk of nukes and war is unacceptable for sure. But on the positive side, in the middle of the tension, I feel a rush in my bones (at least, for me). That’s because like many of you, I feel –

I too was born for a time such as this; born to positively influence history in some little way

Where, how, which group, and with what is the big question. That’s part of destiny. You never know. But, no worries. I don’t need to know the logistics for now. It will come in the midst of intentionally loving, living, and serving wherever I find myself and find the need.

Reflecting on William Ury’s talk and other good stuff, I found three lessons for navigating through the people and social politics of life as our destiny unfolds.

1. What Precedes Good Listening?

Right now, Presidents Trump and Kim aren’t listening to each other. It’s easy to point fingers. And if you are pointing at someone already, turn that index finger to yourself first. For me as example, I have failed miserably at listening well.

That’s because there is a step that precedes listening well to others. It’s listening to yourself. How well do you know yourself? Do you know your own thoughts, prejudices, and biases? Are you honest about them? The questions are endless

Its often the things we ignore that cause the most problems.

Maybe its time both presidents Go to the balcony. In order words, step back and think.

“Be fast to listen; slow to speak and slow to anger because anger does not achieve God’s righteous purpose”- James 1:19


2. What If Kim Jong Un is NOT Irrational

As your destiny unfolds, you will deal with people. Sure, God will open up the way for you. But, you still have to deal with people and the reality that comes with it. So, here is a thought to ponder.

Never see the other party or person as irrational even if they act irrationally. If you do, you are compromised and your actions and judgements towards them will be based on that bias. People tend to act “irrationally” when their interests are threatened, their positions are challenged, and fear/anxiety is high. I guarantee you have acted that way too.

Plus, if another person is acting irrationally, it is possible that you are doing something to drive up fear and anxiety and thus provoke an irrational reaction in the other. Instead, use thoughts, words, and an approach that drives fear and anxiety down.

Communicate in a respectful way. Concluding the other person is irrational means you aren’t listening. That might just prove that it’s you who is irrational – making irrational demands and being inconsiderate of the other person’s interests.

You are dealing with people, NOT things. So, expect two answers (YES OR NO) with all sorts of emotions. That said, is President Kim Jong Un acting irrationally based on the history between both countries?

But then again, there is a difference between irrational and stupid. But, how do you know the difference? Let me know.

Food for thought.


3. Help From Unexpected Places. But, How Unexpected?

Lastly! My Grandma told me, “Learn to love and respect ALL people.”

Why? You  never know who God will send or who He will use to help you or bring solutions to a problem. It seems as life gets weird, God’s solutions become more unconventional. For instance –

Presidents Trump and Kim Jong Un can’t stand each other or see eye to eye. So its obvious. They need a third party like – China – to help them resolve their issues openly. But, they need someone they both know and maybe trust to help them deal with their issues quietly. The underlying interests so they can safe face.

Well, guess who can help with the shuttle diplomacy for personal feelings?

~ Dennis Rodman

Yep! To some, he is notorious, a junkie, a troublemaker, a drunk…[you get the idea]. And you would have thought the solution would be some guy, in a suit, from a family of senators. Bummer!

And what’s Dennis Rodman’s connection to Trump and Kim Jong Un?

Dennis Rodman is connected to Trump through the show – The Apprentice – which Trump was on. He is also a personal friend of Kim Jong Un. He defiled (and I think was sanctioned by) President Obama for going to North Korea to put up a Basketball game for President Kim Jong Un amidst political tensions between both nations.

Would you look at that!

Weird turnout of events? You bet!

So, before you go, allow me to disrupt your week with this fascinating quote –

You can count the number of seeds in an orange but, you can’t count the number of oranges in a seed. So –

Intentionally spread seeds of hope, love, life, laughter, encouragement, bliss, blessing, wisdom, counsel…throughout the week.

Add acts of random kindness, prayers for flood and fire victims; to wisdom for national leaders and all concerned to come up with creative diplomatic solutions to tense dilemmas.

Y’all got it? Good!

Have a marvelous week and may last week’s unclaimed opportunities catch up to you this week in Jesus’s name.

Indulge me: How do you listen to others? What’s your process for doing that? (share your thoughts in the comments)



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