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I get this question a lot.

Why does it seem like we are always waiting? Why is that it always comes down to “It’s going to happen”? Why isn’t it (the vision/destiny) already happening? Why doesn’t it happen? Its always future tense.


Let me answer that.

I shared the following on Facebook:

“For still the vision awaits its appointed time…if it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay” – Habakkuk 2:3

Then a friend asked:

Amen. So if the vision or declaration takes 5 years, do you wait?

Its a good question. One I had to answer for myself.

So, here are some thoughts that have helped me see things differently.


– How bad do you want it? I prayed for my family – 15 years – and now I see the transformation. On a personal level, what God inspired in me has taken a while and a process. A painful one. But I am emerging. I can say I have entered the place of his promised rest.

– If the destination seems like its taking too long and it doesn’t seem to be happening, then you missed the point.

The process is supposed to be enjoyable. But you can only do that if you focus on what matters the most. The people. Its always about the people

You have heard it said that [success, vision, destiny] is about the journey NOT the destination. Well, that’s not completely true. Its about THE PEOPLE on the journey to your destination. THE PEOPLE!

If you are NOT getting “there” and if it keeps feeling like the process is taking too long and the vision is too far out, you missed the point!

Its about the people on that journey. They are the fun in the waiting process. Enjoy your people.

Your joy and success is centered on the people and relationships. Family is gold.

Miracles can happen to you but they tend to happen a lot more when you are in community.

Also –

Wealth and success can become a burden if your forget the root of your adventure.

And adventure always has something to do with your people even as you hustle to make a dream live. In one month, I had the time of my life. Its in the midst of this that I internalized this wisdom I now share with you.

Enjoy the video of my moments. If it makes you jealous, that’s good. That’s the point. Its supposed to provoke you to find, love, respect, honor, and do life and destiny with God and your people – whoever they are!

Cheers to our people!

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