Hello Fam!

~ Meet Eli!


Everyone say “Hi Eli”

He is a world traveler, charismatic, caring, industrious, and good looking millennial. He is a beautiful soul. He is very accomplished in business and is currently in Real Estate with his dad serving the Silicon Valley area. He even appeared on the hit show – House Hunters International (Season 70, Episode 2 – Wherever I May Romania).

He is not just a friend. Eli is family! He is my people! He is good folk!

Not so obvious is his love for God. He really loves Jesus. He is a radical worshipper of the King of Kings. His LinkedIn profile even says that! (weird)

Here’s why I mentioned Eli [And its a treat!]

Last week, I was in Silicon Valley skinny dipping in hot tubs and enjoying a luxurious break at Brill-Ville (Eli’s place).

Eli and I came up with a tradition. Everyday,

– Wake up! Spend time talking about Jesus! Dance and worship like crazy.

On one such mornings, he worshipped and adored God in such abandon that I felt a little bit jealous. It was a beautiful sight.

His dialogue with and adoration of the King was innocent, pure, and authentic.

It was extravagant!!!

Then it hit me!

More like – the still small voice – hit me! And the following words flooded my mind.

If you are extravagant in your worship of God in ALL you do, your life will be extravagant also

Then, it hit me again,

Your level of worship determines your level of prosperity

#worship-service & #customer-service

Okay…okay…before you pick up and fire stones like a fellow who said, “this is a materialistic dogma dogged up from the bottom levels of the abyss,” give me the chance to explain. Let me qualify what I just said. Let me explain the code.

[But seriously, the “abyss” comment was kinda poetic. Cracked me up!]

I digress (Back to explaining the code)

Worship Service and Customer Service have one thing in common.

Pretty obvious, yeah?

~ Both are ways of serving God.

Worship Service is serving God with everything (Your heart, soul, mind, emotions, and strength). Yes, even  in singing and dancing to worship psalms, hymns, and music. When you engage in worship, God influences you from the inside and you overflow with love, peace, joy, faith, strength, kindness…etc to the outside.

Customer Service is serving God by serving many of his other children with goods and services that better their lives. After being influenced by HIM in worship, you carry and influence others with smiles, love, peace, joy, laughter…that overshadows your countenance from perpetual worship. And when you serve his other children with excellence, they will return for more. Welcome to success in business.

Isn’t it funny how the best in business are always those with top notch customer service?

So, re-engineering the code to the source, I came up with the following flowchart  –

Good Business < Top Notch Customer Service < Outstanding Attitude < Soul full of peace and joy < Worship of God (source)


Got it?

Hence, like Eli, if you worship God extravagantly, in complete abandon, in excellence – in ALL you do – its only natural that your life will become extravagant also (extremely fruitful).

Sure, you will experience troubles and hardships. But, that is life and you must do life. Nevertheless, you will overcome life’s challenges with “extravagant” victories.

Looking at Eli’s love, emotions, service, victories, and breathtaking success as well as those of others I have observed or had the pleasure of speaking with, everything falls into perspective.

Here’s the invitation from heaven –

“Come up higher” through worship

[Eli! Truly, you are blessed]

And ladies! Sorry, if this handsome kinight made you blush.

Unfortunately, Eli is taken!


Aren’t they the cutest!?

Hopefully, this piece of ancient Jewish wisdom blessed you.

May God give us the grace to be sincere and extravagant in our service to Him as well as his many other children whether at home, church, work, community, or overseas.


One love, One Spirit



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