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Someone has to. Its the only way!

Do what, you ask.

Well, you’ll see!

After hearing about the shooting in Las Vegas, I felt hurt inside. I had to change the topic of my post. That’s the reason for the delay in sharing this weeks thought. Strangely, the shooting coincided with a movement in my homeland where we are fighting for our freedom and independence. Unlike the shooting in Las Vegas, the police and army are shooting at unarmed civilians.

How ironic!

Unlike my homeland, America is a free country, the land of opportunity. A land where people’s dreams and vision can thrive. That’s why it breaks my heart when tragedies like the one in Las Vegas happens.

For a while, I have been reflecting on the possibility of freedom and independence of homeland and other oppressive countries vis a vis the freedom of America and other countries.

Here’s what I came up with –

Our visions for establishing a dream and a better future are a subset of a nation’s visionary existence. This is the big picture. Dreams and visions create a circle for more dreams and visions to grow. They empower the platform that holds dreams and visions.

Behind each accomplished dream and vision provides a record of men and women who have took on the journey of trial and error; success and failure. These stories were build our faith to risk doing something for what was only perceived. But their actions, created a circle of vision where others could breath, think, and imagine freely. It reinforced the platform for others to dream while cumulatively adding support to the platform for centuries to come.

What does this look like for a nation?

The circle of dreams and visions keeps a nation running and ensures a continuous flow of vision across generations.  It keeps a people and their nation growing and ensures that prosperity and abundance ensues. This is so important that Solomon notes in Proverbs –

Where there is no vision, the people perish

The fact that we have dreams and visions ensures a nation’s circular flow of life and stable growth in each generation and across the three existing generations of that nation. This circular flow of vision ensures that a platform remains for the next generation of dreams and visions to stand and grow from. It encourages the growth and prosperity of the nation as a whole.

However, if there is no national, then the dreams and visions of the people perish.

If there is no platform, then one would need to be built.

Someone or some people will have to put their own dreams and visions aside to pursue the vision of building a platform for the nation’s or a people’s visions to stand on. Once that happens, then that someone can return to dreaming and journeying to establish their visions in whatever field they chose.

This platform can be for a nation or a specific group of people with a specific kind of dream.

Moses had to give up or at least risk his prince-ship in Egypt to save his people the Jews. His first attempt costs him. But, with God, he succeeded subsequently.

Martin Luther King Jr was a lawyer. He put that aside to pick up a movement for a god-given dream of freedom and prosperity for Black America. Nelson Mandela also stopped being a lawyer or ramped it up to fight against Apartheid and South Africa’s freedom.

None were perfect humans

But, here’s the thing:

Sometimes, like Moses, someone has to give up their dreams and visions to take on the vision of becoming the deliverer, peacemaker, soldier, businessman, athlete, congressman, anchor, pastor, activist…to ensure a platform is built, maintained, fought for, or built.

Someone has to accept the risk and take a leap of faith. They might lose their lives, but someone has to do it. This is the price of the circle of vision

Someone! Anyone, has to pay the price

For your personal dream or vision, you will pay the price. That price might include not having a place to stay, ridicule from family and friends, name calling…it endless.

It may mean sleeping in your car for a while, sacrificing finances, or losing friends. You will experience lots of growing pains. Most often, it will be a lonely belief in your calling and destiny.

For a nation, groups and communities must do something.

They must pay a price too and often, it will involve jail and death.

For Southern Cameroon, the fight had been brewing. But it was launched more visibly by an association of teachers first and then lawyers in September 2016. They marched like Martin Luther King Jr on Selma calling on God, the just judge.

Since then our clergy, congressmen and women, friends, children, parents, grandparents, and citizens in the diaspora arose and joined the fight in ways that they could. We followed the examples of Thomas Jefferson who said –

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty

I have lost many of my kin. Some friends. The President and his folks use the police and army to break into homes, take our young people, torture and kill our people. Most of the photos are gruesome. So, I can’ share that here.

The international community seems silent. But, we have “Appealed to heaven” as a nation. And God is answering.

While some have died and made it possible for our people to raise the flag and declare independence, others have fought on a diplomatic front to raise the issue in the British Parliament, UN, EU, and other national councils.

Meanwhile, like Israel and America, we have declared independence even though its not recognized, written our own constitution, laws, education, political, economic…laws and framed them after the good book – the Torah, the word of God.

Now, like America and Israel had to do, we too, fight to defend it.

American citizens live in freedom and build their dreams and visions on the platform that was established and has been maintained for over 250 years. NO ONE SHOULD BLAME AMERICANS FOR WHAT THEY ENJOY AND NO AMERICAN SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED.

For centuries, some have paid the price for them. That’s why its so funny to me to see folks disrespecting the American national anthem. 

Nevertheless, let’s pray that Americans would remember the story.

Meanwhile, lets not forget that if we want the same kind of freedom, expression, and prosperity for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nations –

Someone! Anyone! – has to pray the price. Someone has to give up something to pick up that cause for a season or for a lifetime. Someone has to! That can be you if you are willing.

If you have a personal dream, it will be difficult for it to blossom if there is no national vision for it to stand on. Perhaps that personal vision is what God is using to call you higher, increase your influence, and through it, like Esther, add favor to you so that you can rescue a people, show them what is possible, or build a platform for a unique type of gift expression.

Or maybe God is calling you from the future to a vision, much bigger than what you have now, for the sake of people, community, or nation.

And when he calls, answer!

As we fight for – righteousness sake; for justice sake, for freedom sake, for our children sake, for future sake, let’s do what we can while we keep God first place. Let’s raise up memorials and traditions that keep the story – the circle of vision – alive everyday.

And as we fight, let’s always remember that –

Life is not full of surprises – WE ARE!



Pray for Las Vegas. Keep the people, the victims, and families of the shooting in Las Vegas in your prayers.


I wish you all a week full of fresh air, good health, and prosperity.


Ambazonia – Oh Yeh!


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