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I am passionate about developing God given ideas and destinies. But, I don’t just write and talk about it. I just don’t talk about family and relationships. I actually do it myself. I share things I learned from God adventures and lessons I am sipping-in, in real time. My close friend, Louis and me, have been building a social network curating platform that is getting some buzz now. It started as a game, a concept. But now, its for real.

Below is Louis’s presentation of Threelly, the thought that began the journey of this social network curating platform we have been building. Its such an interesting and challenging journey. We believe its a billion dollar idea inspired from heaven.

Check us out at www.threelly.com. Look around. Visit the “About” page. Sign up! Enjoy already sliced content like Sir Ken Robinson talking about Passion.  You can also enjoy similar slices from a diverse set of speakers and content creators. You can add a slice to any existing content

  • Copy and paste content from youtube and
  • Slice only those ideas that resonate so that all of us can learn.

Lets know if you want to join the team.

Snippets of the http://www.threelly.com

That said.

I have shown you my friends, my team, my friend and business partner and my family. It is a journey. Developing your destiny is a journey. But, I keep talking about the people on the journey because its actually about the people on the journey more than its about the trials on the journey.

This – http://www.threelly.com – is not the only project I am working on. In it all, I find so much joy in the journey and in God.

But, I showed you threelly so you would know what I’ve been up to.

The processes I have been writing about are what I use to guide my work on the platform.

God has given you many ideas. He has inspired in you a passion to do something unconventional. To leave a legacy. He has blessed you with a dream team you don’t yet see, though they are all around you. He has empowered you to manage those ideas that can’t stop bugging you. I want to encourage you. PRESS IN. Accept that call from the future. Begin developing that vision.

All the faith you need is just a talk, email, phone call, a knock, a question…away. [Also see Faith Logistics]

For me and Louis, when we got that idea (more him than me), all we did was:

  • Discuss the idea (Proverbs 25:11).
  • write down the vision (Habakuk 2)
  • Set time and worked on building a prototype (Psalms 90:12)
  • Challenge ourselves, believe, look for help, ask God for help, and do our best (Hebrews 11 – by faith)
  • Regularly communicate online since we live on opposite sides of the United States using the wisdom of (James 5:16) to ensure our lives and motives were in the will of God and aligned with each other.

Its been a part of our process since we started. We are loving the growth.

Today, the platform is growing and fast because of what it does for people like you. We will be getting some money to develop it further. What’s amazing is how God is bringing connections from Silicon Valley, other tech companies, and execs to connect, counsel, and help.

Yet, our part was minimal and was only the result of an email, a phone call, or a talk and the work of developing the idea behind the scenes.

What amazes us is that this began as a joke and a test of concept (as in – is this really good and is this really God?) in June 2017.

Maybe, now, when I say you Need to Bring Your Dreams to Life, it will make sense or at least carry some weight.

God is faithful.

If God has inspired you to start a business, go to school, write something, talk to someone, contribute, serve, act…or develop an idea, JUST DO IT!

Its in this adventure that you will discover the God of the impossible. And finally, you will in the midst of this, also discover that –

Life is not full of surprises – YOU ARE!



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