NO SHAME – Part 1

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Hello family.

How are you all doing? Sorry for the long absence. So, I was at a conference for a couple of days and went hiking deep in the mountains. I had no service and no way of sharing the adventure with you. But, I am back.

My adventure was Spirit filled, Spirit led, power packed, and full of miracles, divine connections…just to name a few.ย I learned a lot from friends and speakers. I had a wonderful time with our helper and friend – the Holy Spirit. So, I just want to share a few things with you to get you going. More is on its way.

So, here it goes –


Have no fear. Have no shame.

Conviction says, “I did something wrong.” Shame says, “I am something wrong.” But the truth is – there is nothing wrong. You are loved. You are blessed. You are forgiven. For, “There is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION in Christ.” Have your peace.

If you fall asleep while you pray, don’t get frustrated. Don’t try to discipline yourself with a religious and a legalistic rod. Its okay. Have no shame. After all, Fathers don’t get mad when their kids fall asleep in their arms in the middle of a conversation. Rather, it warms their hearts.

Jealousy is a belief system that says God doesn’t have enough for you. What do you think? Our lives are an outward expression of what our heart is. If you see something you don’t have, give thanks to God. A strong heart is like an irregular surface. When light falls on it, because of its roughness, the rays are dispersed. Its no shame not to have something others think you should. Be strong

The smaller your world, the bigger your opinions. Its not always about you. On the other hand, have no shame and no fear when people with small worlds attack or gossip about you. Love them and leave the justice to God.

Nothing is as bad as you think it is. Just bring it to the light

Sometimes, your very best is your weakest yes. So, don’t compare yourself to others. If your weakest yes is all you can currently afford, that ranks like the widows mite. Remember the story? Its what Jesus said. Child, you did your best.

Have no fear that you don’t hear or can’t discern God’s voice just yet. Don’t be frustrated because He speaks in parables. He does to hide things for you. If He told you everything my dear friend – you’d be responsible for everything he told you. That’s why for now, He is holding you responsible only for what you currently know and what He previously said to do. Do that first and you’ll hear him next.

Proximity creates passion but distance creates distortion. Its easy to criticize from far away without being near to know the situation. Stop it. Find out for sure. I am not necessarily a fan of Joel Osteen, but see how naysayers from far and online criticized the man for not opening his church to help Hurricane Harvey survivors. Well, turns out the inside of the church was flooded too. But once it opened, the church helped. Plus, Lakewood Church single handedly out-gave FEMA by a factor of 5. Plus, CBS had to publicly apologize for misrepresenting them. I’d say that is God’s justice. So – note to self! God holds everyone accountable for their every word. Watch it!

If you are dealing with a difficult situation, have no shame. Communicate it early in a wise and timely manner. It will save you problems and hardships that would otherwise rise like dough and cost you finances and relationships for several years. Have no shame. Have no fear. Go on love! Share it with a trusted friend. Decide from there what next.

Sure! You really blundered. That was an out of the box, diplomatic level blooper. Still, don’t hang your head in shame. It might take a while but in time, with God’s help, you’ll accept and reframe that story into a funny life-lesson and an embarrassing note-to-self. Keep this in mind though –

If you are in God’s will, so are your mistakes. And if you are walking in God’s will, so will your mistakes.

Chill. Just chill. Don’t fight or try to make God’s promise happen by yourself. Just chill. Do what you can or what you are responsible for and just rest. No shame in “waiting on the Lord.” Oh trust me. He will direct your steps. Ask my new friends.


I went to meet friends. Instead, I made brothers.

For it all comes down to family and a family of friends. That’s how great visions are built. That’s how legacies are passed down. And that’s how they remain. Develop your destiny with God.

Never forget – family is gold.

One more thing.

Life is not full of surprises – YOU ARE!







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