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In this post, I wish to share the next set of responses to Kenny’s questions.  If you haven’t read Part 1 of this post, I encourage you to do so to get the full story. Simply click here. In brief, I was responding to a bunch of questions a young, passionate, and enthusiastic Christian man posed during a difficult time of his life. Kenny asked,

Why is that I am following God and doing everything right but I am not prospering? Instead, it seems those who aren’t following God are prospering. How come these problems never end? I am tired man. Why do things just seem hard even after I have given God a hundred percent? How come it seems like things are working for other people and seems to come easy to others while for me its a fight…? Its not fair…! This faith thing must be a lie.

Part 1 focused on person and his connections. This post will be centered on the theme of blessing. It is a real treat because I personally enjoy the answers here. Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts. It puts a smile on my face to read from you.

FYI – Kenny’s response is at the end!

Question: Why am I not getting blessed? Why are they prospering and I am not? Has God forgotten about me? Where are all the promised blessings? I am doing everything right?

Just a Friendly Reminder –

You said YES to God. Others didn’t. You did. You probably are in The University of Tears.


The First Real Blessing –

Like many, your perception of what determines value is money. But, money is just money. Relationship is the key. But, let me focus on the blessing theme.

You have to know what produces what. Worship, praise, and thanksgiving fires your Spirit up and endows you with spiritual authority. You can spend hours worshipping and praying and you will do great exploits by God’s power. But, if you want money, go and get a job, start a business or something. Know what produces what.

My guess is that when you think of God blessing, overwhelmingly your mind thinks -financial blessings. You often think of yourself as benefactor of some huge pay day. No problem with that. God can bless you financially, in kind, and through relationship as well. But, I’m I right in saying the overwhelming thought is financial? Its money?

Well, That’s a Problem –

Because everything I just told you is an end-product of the REAL blessing which is -OPPORTUNITY!

Money is the certificate of performance for serving God’s other children. The more of God’s other children you serve with whatever you have, say, or do, the more you of it you will have. That can also be a product or service.

Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world. Why? Did he rob many grandma’s for $1 each? No! He created something (Eg. Microsoft word) that made billions of lives (God’s other children, you and me) happy. If you disagree, then I’m sure you have never used a laptop or a word document. Wealth is created by transactions which is simply serving God’s other children.

Think about these words – Customer SERVICE & Worship SERVICE?

Do you see a connection?

Well, you should!

Both are means of serving God but in different ways.  You serve God by serving his other children well (1 John 4), hence customer service. In the latter, you serve God by giving him the best of you – your voice, writing, speech, work etc – thus, Worship Service.

Serving God’s other children means forming and entering many relationships which brings about connection. Now do you see why God is pleased with this and would use money as an incentive to encourage people to enter relationships to serve one another? Enterprises connects people and gets people doing favors for one each other.

Money is God’s reward for doing so. Kinda like faith. So, if you are like many who blame the rich for being rich, think again. Many of them didn’t steal from you or your granny. You willingly gave them your money because they did something or gave you something that improved your life a little.

Welcome to the real world. We live in an economic world.

God’s main blessing is opportunity. So, pray for God to give you many opportunities to serve others and connect with people. Your mouth is your primary money making tool. Speak positive.

Companies hire for behavior and train for skill

Isn’t it funny that the best companies are often first known for one thing – Customer Service? Isn’t it funny that customer service is first tied to one thing – attitude? isn’t funny how God says, “Rejoice in all things, always giving thanks…” And, isn’t it funny, how God also says, “Do your work as if you do it for him” and “Do not think of yourself only…”? And doesn’t business so happens to be about serving other people and being rewarded for first making their lives, not yours, better?

Oh well, maybe I’m just overthinking it. But –

FYI –  Jesus had a lucrative business. He was a carpenter. In his era, that was good business. He was trained for 30 years before entering and doing ministry for 3 years which ended on Calvary. In between 0-30 years, he was serving many of God’s other children well as a Carpenter and was well known for his craft. His craft was the basis for which people in his hometown used to reject him as Messiah. They said, “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?”


The Second Real Blessing –

Is that God blesses you with IDEAS!

Have you ever watched TV and seen a product and said, “I thought about that months ago.” Well, when you had the thought, what did you do about it? God gives you ideas because they are tools for you to live out your destiny.

Opportunity is what comes next to help you make the connections with people whom you will help and those who will help you get to where you need to be. Developing ideas takes work! Hard work! Including God and obedience to His guidance can make it easier! As long as we are on earth, “By the sweat of your brow shall you eat” still holds.

God wouldn’t inspire a desire in your heart to start a class, sell a product, invent a new one, start a business, apply for a specific position, start a blog, coach kids soccer…if HE didn’t want you to do it.

If you are waiting for people to appear and solve all your problems, good luck! God is empowering you to rise above them and become the problem solver and the resource for other people. Example, he calls you and through a process, transforms you to become – an overcomer and more than a conqueror.

Well, why?

Learn to multiply.


Still, You Are Wondering –

Why is it that those who don’t believe in God or Jesus like you are prospering and you aren’t?

Its simple – PRINCIPLE!!!

God still has to keep his word. God still has to reward people for doing good things for his other children through enterprise. Yes, even if they don’t believe in God. If they live by or follow the principle of creating and serving others with goods and services that enhance their lives, they will make bank.

They may not know the redeeming purpose of money or misuse it. It might become a thorn or they may use it well. Regardless, they have to be rewarded for their service. Yes, even if they don’t believe. Its a matter of principle just like gravity.

Does gravity care whether you believe in God or not? Hmm! I’m not sure. You can certainly try it by jumping from a plane without a parachute. Why go far. Try the 5th floor of a building and lets see what your legs and bones have to say about that. (Disclaimer: If you are dumb enough to try, you do so at your own risk and expense)

It may help you to know that the Hebrew word for businessman is Ohmein which means “Man of Faith.” It is precisely on faith that entrepreneurs do work. That’s faith with a little “f.” They don’t know if they will make a dime, if people will pay them, if a disaster will destroy their business like Hurricane Irma did in Florida or if they will have enough money to supply needs for their family. They simply work hard and hope in some divine providence. Add serving other people with a good attitude, and ta da…money.

Why wouldn’t God reward them for the risk, the faith in divine providence, and their service?

If you don’t serve people well, you get negative reviews. What does that mean for business? Surely you know. Welcome to Customer Service!

So, what exactly have you done to help others? How well have you done your job? How well have you focused on developing a specific set of skills that people are in need of today? And are you a good steward of all those God ideas?



Another reminder

You still have to do life. Regardless of who you are, what you do, what you have, who you have…you still have to do life. Life will happen to you too.

But, don’t forget – YOU SAID YES TO GOD! YOU DID!

If there is difficulty, appreciate it as part of the adventure.

As the saying goes –
So, work on those dreams and visions. You Need to Bring Those Dreams to Life. Those are tools, unborn miracles that God has given you or inspired in you to prove to yourself that,

Life is not full of surprises -YOU ARE!

Stay strong! Stay sharp! Stay blessed!

Let’s keep in touch.


Kenny Mack Forever replied

Thanks a lot brother! I was really blessed by your message and I thank you for providing so much wisdom. You hit the nail on the head pretty good and I appreciate it. You gave me a lot to think about but I will be reading this message multiple times over the next couple weeks to make sure I’m on track with some of the changes I need to make. Thank you and God bless


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