To all the writers of tomorrow. To the script writers, bloggers, directors, storytellers, future authors, composers of song and rhythm, content creators, idea generators, teachers, professors…in training. I want to talk to you.

So – listen…

You are a writer.

Writing is a sacred task. Keep on writing. Your work will be seen someday. It will transform people. Inspire others cause them to believe again even in the One who says – All things are possible with Him.

They will perceive that what was once broken will be mended once again, even their dreams and visions. Your work will pioneer a forgotten way. It will pay the price of questioned struggles.

You are a writer.

You must be hidden from the world. Obscure from it for a season. The world must live on. Let it live its life. Let life live its life. You are a writer. You must be kept apart from the world for a season. In this lonely place, a den of obscurity, you will observe the world live its life. You will be its Scribe.

You will learn the hidden wisdom of words and the ancient wisdom of the Creator. You will watch the world closely and carefully. You will feel the joys, pains, and groans of those in it—both near and far away. You will question your own life and your own existence.

In obscurity, music will be your friend. Silence will be your wisdom. Quiet and honest reflection will be your mentor; wonder will be your quiet companion. Time and growth will be your savior.

You are a writer.

Never forget!

You must be set aside from the world: your friends and family as well. You must be set aside from the world as an alien so that you can thoughtfully write. This is your burden; yours alone. Carry it quietly. The wisdom of this burden is your reward. But the character of this burden is your joy.

Sharing the lessons of the world as you saw and learned in obscurity will be your job and your joy. In obscurity, you will craft a message in sincerity and purity. To deliver this message, you yourself will be purged, bent, broken, and pieced once again in that same sincerity and purity your message is meant to carry.

You are a writer.

You must write. You write to enlighten minds and soothe hearts. You write to ignite the dreams and visions that often often die an early death. You write to give them a chance for they create space on earth for God to display another aspect of his greatness. Take joy in your masterpiece. It is a Sacred Task.

Every “piece of life” you live is the reflection of another man or woman’s life. When you write about it, you show them what you saw. You show them the wisdom and glory you saw in obscurity that he could not see. You are a writer. This is your job; this is your joy.

To see what others cannot, to live a piece of different people’s experiences, to test the unseen wisdom that will help them overcome, and then write to help them along their path – this is your job. This is the story of your life’s experiences. You are a writer.

Let me tell you the story of song and drama. Song and drama have been tamed by their masters to bring back memories for hopeful reflection. To honor and celebrate moments, life, and people. At the hands of a skillful artists, the words that make song and drama are fine tuned with power and authority to build or destroy. This is you!

Keep on writing. You work can become the equivalent of the “King’s Speech.” And like the works of any music master, the work of a writer can in itself build a platform for the dreams and visions for many others to live. It can heal the heart of a nation, affirm and empower healthy desires, and bring hope to a people.

You are a writer.

Build the nation.

Find the people. Talk to the people. Encourage, comfort, and exhort the people. Inspire the people. Ignite the dreams and visions of the people. Bring the hope from the Author of Hope.

You are a writer. Share ancient wisdom and counsel with the people. You are a writer. Your job is to inspire life. Encourage the will of the people to live and live again. You are a writer – stand up for the people. You are a writer – you are the people.

Child! You are a writer.

And this is your command.

Be humbled and disciplined. Follow the ways of quite reflection and ancient wisdom. Set sail using the winds of inspiration. Paint possibility and think beyond probability. Imagine past dreams. Take a trip to the land of mysteries. Uncover the route to impossibility.

Live a life of wonder and blunder and report back on the results of your adventure. Tell tales of your journey into the wilderness. Don’t forget those in the valley of the shadow of death.

Tell tales of how you braved your way into the land of discoveries, of the time you met with the King of Infinity. Testify of how HE paid your debt, gave you a bed, and empowered you with just enough faith to live out the word -DARE!

When you return from what seems to be the world’s end, sit and write for the multitude whose passion is undimmed. They live but they are the walking dead. I confess. At one time, I was one of them. Its not until I picked up a pen.

Let the winds and waves carry your words. Let the sun sign them into aging hearts. May they become part of the legacy of century.

You are a writer. You have an important work to do.

You are a writer. Assemble and connect the people.

You are a writer. Never ever forget it.

Life is not full of surprises – YOU ARE!

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