I confess! I am a deep thinker. Mine comes with a side effect. It’s the tendency to brutally criticize and judge myself for the minutest thing. It has been a major problem for the longest. After all, what is self reflection if the end result is a wounded hope, fear, and thoughts of shame?

Creating space just to think is refreshing. It is edifying. But, the positive or negative impact on your mind hinges on this one thing – your confession

Any helpful process only gets you to the point of perceptive correction. You have to pick it up from there with personal confessions.

To recap, process is vital to all forms of life and discovery in Christ. Sure – we have a newness of life. However, we can only fully live it if we explore it by faith with the guidance of Holy Spirit.

A process is a combination of your routines, sequential actions, and rituals. That’s why for you to “be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you may know the will of God…,” our Manufacturer prescribes;

“Keep this book of the law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful (1)”

– as a vital element for inclusion in your routine.


This element of your routine is to allow the Living Word to correct your perception, and influence you into re-crafting the words you use to describe you. It influences your confession. It brings you closer to the standard for your thought life which is –

You are NOT nothing. You matter. You are made in the image of God. And if Jesus is called wonderful, and He lives in you, that makes you wonderful too.

Brilliant! for a confession, no?


Seriously, Your Confessions are Really Important –

It is like martial arts. Reading a martial arts book is not enough. Devouring Martial Arts for Dummies or Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method wouldn’t help when a street thief puts the cold barrel of a 9-MM on your forehead. Your knowledge of Martial Arts will not translate into a house of flying daggers. You may have the knowledge, yes. But, your body would need to conform and confess that knowledge through action. That takes intentional development and growth.

Its a similar thing with God’s word and our life and confessions of Him – The WORD.

For example:

When you notice that you have been meditating or seeing a lot of scripture that talks about watching your anger, you could discern that God is speaking to your heart telling you to watch your anger and instead be patient, loving, and gentle. Does reading that stop anger? No. You may pray and ask God to stop it for you. Will he help? Yes and no. This is what you will notice.

You will find yourself in situations that ignite anger in more than is necessary whether its at school, work, the gym, Starbucks…you name it. You will lose it most of the time but, over time, you will learn to be patient, gentle, loving, and kind. subsequently, you will understand the lesson. Then, YOU will become the lesson.

Behind the scenes, this is the God process –

When you study The Word, it is just words. The Holy Spirit causes the word to become the Living Word. So, when you study the word on say anger, the Holy Spirit will take you through situations (conflicts) so that through it, YOU will become the word you had been studying.

In order words, finding yourself in circumstances that make you angry might just be God engineering circumstances or bringing you through already existing conflicts to help you learn, understand, and become The – patient, loving, gentle, and kind – Word you read. This new perception is what emerges to replace the old one (anger) as it gets booted out the driver’s seat of your soul.

But what does patience, love, and gentleness look like?

Uplifting and considerate personal confessions and words of affirmation for the other party instead of screaming, cursing, a black eye, and a red face.

It would take you confessing new things about yourself in the face of persistent reminders about your old habits and old self for you to hold firmly to this discovery of your newness in Christ.

To grow intentionally and enjoy life on destiny lane, visionaries need to be intentional about their confession. They need to know them. Where relevant, changed. As we grow in the word and grow through challenges, these confessions will need upgrades to match new spiritual growth spurts.

Here’s Something You May Have Missed –

You are ALWAYS confessing something. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are – always. Its takes more effort to confess positive things because the default is most often negative. But that can change.

For one,

You can always counter a negative thought, speech, or suggestion with a – “What if” or “Is it possible that” in thought or speech. At the least, it introduces new options, perspectives, and dynamics in an ongoing conversation

Your confessions are words which you think or speak them. Consider upgrading them and using the upgraded versions to make war on negativity that permeates your current environment or creeps into your self-reflections like it did mine.

Your confession describes you. Your declaration elevates you. Your proclamation empowers you – Graham Cooke

Confession, declaration, and proclamation describe confidence levels of confession that ultimately shape the direction of your life, relational circle, professional circle, and your destiny.


Meanwhile, in the middle of the process –

Open and honest conversation with the Lord about the process; about your – worries, fears, concerns, thoughts; about what your confessions currently are, where they come from, and what you hope they will become – will create space for the divine to fill with grace, encouragement, and constructive feedback from heaven as you dialogue.

The result will be a breath of fresh air in all areas of your life and growth into new levels of understanding and expression in your newness of life.

Choose your words carefully.

And, start making some good confessions.

Here’s a head start –

I am blessed. I am a child of God, made in the image of God. I am a creator – I make good things that help people. I see myself blossoming like the lilies and the vine; being established like the trees of Lebanon, flourishing like the palm trees of California, and walking in the path set before me by the Living God. I am tough in tough situations, firm under pressure, rejoicing always, giving thanks in all things. I am a servant and I am serving those in my sphere of influence with love. I am loved. I am not alone and will not be alone. I am not without a friend or a helping hand. Regardless of what happened I look ahead with honest confidence and refuse to hang my head in shame. God’s goodness is my standard and I am saved by grace. I am a Happy Man!


Wishing rest and enjoyment this labor day weekend



Notes: (1) Joshua 1:8 NIV; Featured image from www.restoreaccountability.com




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