I love this Ostrich head. It cracks me up. I think of King Julian from the movie – Madagascar – when I see pictures like this. He would say,

Just look at it. Poor little head.

Wait! I’m not a bird hater. I am just having a moment with the picture. It makes me smile and I want you to smile too. Laughter is good medicine after all.

There is a man who makes me smile like King Julian. He is a Jolly Old Fella from the U.K whose mind, heart, and soul is infused with the brilliance of God’s light. Graham Cooke’s stories, insight, and experiential lessons of God’s word have empowered me to think, dream, and co-labor with the Divine.

So, below are some insights I learned from him and have been pondering. Most of them are qualified with my thoughts, experiences, and thoughts from other leaders I have met. I invite you to think on them and imagine the possibility.

What if we –

Make war on negativity. You can be nice and sweet about it. But, make no allowance for it. You can always turn a negative into a “But what if” or into a “Is it possible that” thought or scenario that shifts perspectives.

Don’t talk about yourself in a poor way. You are NOT nothing. You are loved. Be careful how you think because how you see you is what you project. Eventually, it becomes how we see you.

If one of Jesus’s names in wonderful, and He lives in you, what does that make you? At the very least, you are brilliant and radiant. You are the light of the world. That is massive light.

Rest in the Lord means being massively untroubled in the midst of massive trouble. It means being peacefully unmoved by circumstances. Its a good place to be. Hard one to learn.

If someone you talk to brings you down, talk to someone else. Who is that for you? Are you that person for someone else? You should send them a compliment and show your gratitude. If not, what’s keeping you from becoming one? Become one!

If what you see brings you down, you need to see something else.

If being thankful is your standard, it’ll take a lot in life to challenge you.

If God’s goodness is your standard, you will find that nothing in life can be a challenge to you.

When you resist God’s help and counsel, life becomes difficult. Sometimes, it becomes unbearable


This one I picked up from the TV Show – Suits:

If you don’t respect yourself, you will go looking for signs of disrespect in others.

If you don’t respect yourself, you will want respect from others and you will think other people ought to give you the respect you deserve. Likely, you will end up treating them like they are undeserving of your respect, which you don’t have, in order to get their respect which can only be earned. Sadly, you lose respect twice.


Then when I was watching The Saint a few days ago, I heard –

Question: How do you prepare for the unexpected?

Answer: Expect everything!

It is brilliant. Think crisis management, dotting eyes, crossing t’s, accounting for anything. Life is full of uncertainties. But we all know that, don’t we? So, uncertainties are not uncertain in life. Its normal. Hence my believe that,

Life is not full of surprises: WE ARE!

We are the variables in life’s equation.

But, expecting everything can be exhausting. So, we have to become comfortable living by faith and making mistakes. Making mistakes can be scary. One little thing gone wrong can set you back years. Story of my life. But, knowing what that little thing is, is often a piece of cake. Now that I think about it, from study and experience, I have learned that –

If you are in Christ, so are you mistakes. If you are walking in God’s will, so will your mistakes.

Plus, we can learn to be content when we have much or less, like Paul did who at the end of that lesson said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Its not an easy lesson to learn, but the best one I have experienced.


Finally, from Dr. Ken Clark, I learned that it is of the utmost importance to –

Be present in the present and be emotionally engaged with those you serve

If you find it a difficulty, noticing that your mind is often time traveling in the middle of conversations, it is likely, you have some personal issues you haven’t dealt with. The reason being when we start talking and a word in the conversation triggers a memory, your mind will travel to that moment in time, often the past. Often, its not a good memory.

When that happens, your mind travels to a dream future where it hopes to plan for prevention. The present is missed. The lesson is unheard. And the future will most likely repeat itself. Unless, you learn to pull down your thoughts to the obedience of God, it will become a pattern. But, maybe this will help –

Every thought, is just a suggestion. It could be from God or the enemy of our souls. Either way, its a suggestion. Which one you accept or agree with is up to you.

So, to deal with it – If its a negative one, one that brings me down, one from my past that is meant to accuse me, I say “Hold it” and “That is a lie.” I then qualify it with who I am and who I am becoming. You should know that in Christ, your past was bought. It doesn’t belong to you. So, if your mind returns to the past for any other reason other than to recall good moments, memories, and lessons...it is possible the author of that suggested thought is not your friend.


Listening is important and being heard is an elixar. Here’s why.

I have come to realize that –

Aside from laughter which is the first, being heard is the second best medicine there is.

That makes listening with intent and listening until you feel convinced you truly hear (mentally and emotionally) what the other person is saying – a gift. Learn to give it. You just might need it from someone else sooner than you think.




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