I love God. I love his Son. I just do. I love the way HE works. It borders on weird – believe me. But, one could argue that weird means special in a different way.

Sometimes, I don’t know how to tell Him how I love him and appreciate Him. I love giving compliments. I don’t know what kind of compliment to give him.

So, the best compliment I give Him at this point in my life is to say –

Dad, you are somethin’ else!

Its true.

It means I lack the words to say what I don’t know what to say and how to say it.

Its an African expression.

I recall wanting to draw nearer to Him. I think it was the New Year of 2013. I fasted and prayed to the eve of New Year to discern to know what was on His mind. After all, He has many thoughts about me and stuff. So, I found it refreshing to hear them, entering into the new year.

While praying, I knew something changed. I felt it. I knew it. I discerned it. But I couldn’t put my finder on it.

Then, mom called me and said she discerned our Lord asking me to wake up early each morning to meet with Him. For me, that was an interesting twist. She emphasized it several times and then added a warning.

That was interesting…

Of course, I took it casually. Plus, you know how it is when you set your alarm to wake up really early and its your first time right? You just turn the annoying thing off, mutter a few words and nap till dawn. That’s usually the routine.

And I followed that routine faithfully for two days.

On Jan 3 – I will never forget – I got up at 4:00am. I swirled my bald head back and forth, murmured a few words and napped while on my knees. Then, scared myself awake, gave up 5mins into it, murmured the Lord’s prayer and crawled into bed, unprepared for what happened next.

God is my witness.

From the end of my bed came the most loving but the most powerful and authoritative voice. I have no grid to explain it. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. No, scary is an understatement.

IT WAS TERRIFYING! Woooooo…..I am tearing up and shivering right now just thinking about it. Wooo Weee…goose bumps…gooose bumps.

And the voice said,



Who wants to guess what this black brother did next?


I whipped that blanket over my black behind, pulled two pillows from the side, logged them on top of my head while my heart was pounding and said,


(Wooo…I have got some God stories for you people. No kidding)

I cringed in bed till 6pm. At exactly 6, I got up, knelt down, and prayed. Then called my mom and told her what happened. You guessed right. Mom said, “I TOLD YOU SO.”


Anyway! I give you this background to tell you something. Its important.

Since that day, 4:00am has been our time. But recently, I after some struggles and loses, one which included loosing my Twin brother, I became tired and weary and never kept that to that time.

Even when I sat up to pray, I lacked the words to say. All I could muster was – I am tired! I am tired!

I did keep praying but never gave him that time – our time.

So, this morning, while I turned off my annoying clock and napped some more into the morning, I discerned that still small voice say –

Do it again. Its important to me. Its really important to me. Get up and pray at our time.”

(Oh, how I love Him. I love Him. Jesus, I love you. I love my friend).

Then I was reminded of our friendship. I always told him everything – during our time. We shared laughs, sighs, and sarcastic moments during – our time. I sang, heard things, learned things, discerned things for other people…during – our time.

I just didn’t realize it was that important to Him.

Now, I am wondering if my friends, brothers, and sisters who read this realize just how important their quite time is to Him.

Quality time is your love language, isn’t it Jesus?

Just who will take the time to talk to you?

Adore Him. Just sit in your own space and think on Him. Sit with him and just be. Simply be sans any phones and distractions. Silence is also a language. Silence can be enough said. Find time to just sit and listen. Take off time to ask not of things, but simply to talk about events of your day. Tell him everything.

And when you are done…Pray!

Pray for The Navy officers who lost their lives aboard USS JohnSMcCain. Pray for their families. Pray for Charlottesville still. Keep the President, Congress, Governors, and your church leaders in mind. Pray for your fellow bloggers. Pray for your enemies.


I love you, guys.

I am praying for you.

God is with you.

I wish you well



5 comments on “DO IT AGAIN!”

  1. Speaking silence fluently has been an important idea to me. I love this post, too. Beautiful. I totally get the annoying alarm thing… It is a struggle! But the early light is so crisp and refreshing… But still, that alarm! You know, I think that’s why we have inner alarm clocks.. It will wake you up at anytime you ask, but its not as effective as the loud blaring sound because you can just keep eyes shut and fall back asleep. I think I need more inner alarm clock discipline so I can do without the man-made siren.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi again! I wish I would have replied to you last night, but I was too caught up in reading your delightful blogs to even bother checking my notifications. I am going to look into that now and see if I can find it. Also – i would really like to know what ‘Ipapsun’ means if you do not mind enlightening me. It sounds like a lovely word, but I am unfamiliar. Thank you again for all of your insight… Your words have uplifted me for sure!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol. Funny story. I thought it was your name. Until I found out its another blogger who likes your blog. Ohhh sister! My bad. I was reading through your blog and came across this picture and all and thought it was you. Oh dear. What do I call you, your highness? 🙂


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