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Our culture today wants us to be the same. The tell is obvious. See the movies, TV shows, billboards and you’ll know. The invitation is tempting. The pull is strong. As things change you must change – they say. Lets be united – they add. Let’s all be the same – the devil behind it insist.

They want us to be like Babel. When the people all came together and decided to build a city that reached the sky, “They said to one another, ‘Come on! Let’s make bricks and bake them hard.’ So they had bricks to build and tar to hold them together (Genesis 11:3).”

The question to ask is – why did they use bricks, not stones?

Its a metaphor!

History is repeating itself. As with the Tower of Babel culture, our culture is persistently advocating we all become like baked bricks instead of becoming fully stones.

Bricks are man-made whereas stones are God-made. Bricks are he same but stones are all entirely different. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Bricks are easy to destroy and features built with them last a lifetime. But features built with stones last millennia. Bricks are bent and molded to the desire of the government (oppressive) or popular culture. Stones don’t but adapt to their new environment without loosing their divine touch.

Unity does not have to be uniformity. Two great people or two great movements may have the same values, but have different expressions. What separates them is their courage to be authentic in their expression.

Uniqueness and diversity in heaven creates uniqueness and diversity on earth, in us and around us. Don’t try to be like your friend or a celebrity. Don’t try to be a brick. Be a stone. Resist the forces that compare and convince you to be like someone else. Our differences breathes life.

Variety is the spice of life.

We have things in common but don’t always try to agree or go with the fold. No! Stand out. Speak up. Defend your opinion but give room for another to speak. Honor the dignity of our difference. If we always agree, we will never have a conversation.

There is a place for consensus. When it comes to your life, a cultural consensus about what you should be, think, or act should not drive you. It is true – culture changes. But, the truth is –

The more things change, the more they actually stay the same. And the more things change, the more we must depend on those things that never change – R. Daniel Lapin

If you chose to remain a stone, you may won’t lack difficulties fitting in. But stones somehow always effortlessly end up in their fold, at the beach or the bay, where with other stones they do what they were made to do – shape (business, media, political…) landscapes and make things beautiful.

God’s word is a mirror. Powder your face – the image of God on you – with the truth. Comb your hair with Proverbs, the counsel for God. Talk to yourself with the Psalms of David. Show yourself some love with compliments from the Song of Songs. Keep the fire burning in your soul with the testimony of Jesus. Reinforce your truest identity with the words of the apostles.


Every now and then, break out of the circle of conformity. Practice your uniqueness. Be creative. Think –

Cupcake dreams, calculus calendars

A cat with pens, an octopus with ink,

Birds barking, dogs flying,

Orange and napkins, algebra kings,


Physics spies, English priests,

Mulberry trees, TV and tomato screens,

Gypsy queens, and African exquisites,

Cookie sprays, candy winds,


Curly hair, cotton candy,

Radars for chips, GPS for groceries,

Goats with shoes, lions obsessed with honey,

Eagles screaming holy…, at parrots sneezin’ brownies,


Think carefully. Your life is directed by your thoughts. Think intentionally. That’s how you grow. Think in terms of heaven. Bring heaven to earth. Make earth a little more like heaven. Positively transform your sphere of influence until you see that it is good.

Be bold and beautiful. Be young and find rest in Him. Be strong and courageous. Be determined and confident. And with the word and blessings from heaven, by the grace of God, and the help of the Spirit, be transformed by the continual renewing of your mind. So that you may know who you truly are and what His will for you is instead of what the will of the world and the culture around you is for you.


So when they say –

Let’s all be white; let’s be black.

Tell them –

I’m blue. I’m black. And I’m gold. Choose one!


You are blessed. You are loved. You are unique and you are full of surprises.




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