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Process is important to God. It should be important to you too.

In partnering with God to do what He inspired you to do, he himself takes you through a process. Sometimes, we call it tests. But, in all, its a process meant to transform you to become more like Jesus and to express God’s unique image on you with the help of His Spirit.

In it though, God doesn’t count time – he counts growth!

Meditation is a process. It develops a mental platform where good and bad thoughts debate each other until the good, powered by a positive source, wins. This process preps your mind for haters and criticism; toughens your thin skin, and laces your spine with humility, so that you won’t be moved by flattery or praise.

Process increases your confidence and awareness: empowering you to handle more responsibility. It builds an atmosphere of respect, honor, and authority around you. This happens one small win at a time. We want breakthrough, but after breakthrough, there is follow through. What’s the point of winning a battle if you can’t protect the territory later?

Process teaches your eye –

The beauty of aesthetics. It builds discernment in you for human user interphase. It nurtures a sense of emotional intelligence and connectivity in you for your work which is often ultimately reflected in your choices and design.

What functions is good. What makes you feel good is the beauty. What inspires awe, hope, and innovation is the aesthetics that wraps up them both. Truly, its the little things that make the difference. As Steve Job said,

Quality is more important that quantity. One home run is better than two doubles

Quality always outlasts quantity and process helps you work past functionality to beauty. If you love what you do; if you are concerned about what it says, and how it touches and influences people, then

For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality has to be carried all the way through – Steve Jobs

Having and using a process is what makes – life as a journey or talent as a discovery – fun and ultimately guides you into your element – the unique aspect of you and your talents, skills, and character that sets you apart and sets you up for emergence.



Isn’t it funny –

How during the account of the creation, after day 1, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, and day 7…of the creation, he saw that what he did was good (See Genesis 1)? But wait, you missed it.

Why didn’t He “see” that day 2 was good too? Ahhh…but,

“Its the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of Kings is to search out a matter – Proverbs 25:2”

When next you read the Genesis account about creation, Noah’s ark, the ten plagues, the construction of the tabernacle…even Jesus’ miracles, watch for process. No two processes are ever the same. But, there is so much wisdom hidden in them.

That makes God’s processes, a parable – a mystery.


But then again,

God uses parables to hide things FOR you, not from you

Enough said!



One Love, One Spirit



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