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Process is vital to all forms of life and discovery – Graham Cooke

I am continually discovering and have become convinced that having and using a personal process is one of the most important tools to keep our focus, develop our destiny, remain WHOLE, and flourish in any area of our life and life adventures be it – family, friends, faith and finances.

In this essay, I wish to build on the importance of having a personal process for one or more areas of your life. I have been working on a few myself and I will highlight a few as I write. But here are some thoughts for you.

On a personal level:

Process is a systematic way of changing from what you currently are, into what you need to be or need to become for the person, task, or vision in front of you.

These systematic actions are like destiny steps that help you to travel the distance, from what you are now into the fullness of YOU in light of your calling. Abraham Maslow, renowned Psychologist known for his theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, called the fullness of YOU – Self-actualization and described it as a point in your life where you become all you are meant to be and do all you are meant to do.

I find that,

The more personal you get and explore, the more authentic your being and the more comfortable you become in your own skin

Process is what gets you there, to that fullness.

Process is a way of:

Systematically turning one time highs and peak experiences into memorable moments; and inspiration into a continuous lifetime experience

Process creates the space for you to change at a given time frame in a safe space. It creates enough space for you to grow at your own pace – time and pace.

Each stage of a process is named to make historical landmarks each time you progress into a more intense/deeper phase or aspect of your life, vision, or destiny.

It ensures that each major phase of change at every stage in your life is properly and equally completed and celebrated so that on all levels of your life and progress, you are WHOLE, unencumbered by past baggage and skeletons in your closet.

Process is like the feeling you get when you are following a weekly devotion, and you forget to read the bible or miss a day of your program on a given day. Guilt may spiring up but, in this context, its not the problem. In fact, its good. But I challenge you to see it as a internal accountability system. Its the fact that you have internal system of accountability that keeps you focused and disciplined.

Having a process keeps you accounting for, managing, working on, and continually building on your ideas. Soon, you get a good sense of where everything fits. You develop a better understanding of what you learn, what you are good at, and where you need help. Process helps you discover quickly the need for collaboration, connection, and teamwork.

And because process has an internal system of accountability attached, it creates space for self-performance reviews, feedback, space for learning, and growth. That builds on and into the learning curve of your craft or project, a consistency of quality, good measure time, and timing be it in – enterprise, writing, acting, inventing, producing, logistics, leading etc.

To conclude

From my relationship and adventures with God, I have found that one of the most important lessons in process I learned, whether in becoming all that I was born to be, becoming more like Jesus, or doing all He would have me do, is this:

God does not count time: he counts growth – Graham Cooke

I am sure most of you believers in Jesus would agree with me after considering the following example.

If God says you have two months to learn patience and within those two months, you keep whining and carry a negative attitude, guess what? You get another two months. If still, you don’t change your attitude, guess what? Another two months. You only get to move forward or get the opportunity to handle more when you change your attitude. And that might take several – two month – additions.

So overall, what was meant to take two months might end up taking eight months. The process (testing/training/preparation) wouldn’t stop after two months.


He (God) counts your – growth, not the minimal time it could take for you to learn something. Just because two months past doesn’t mean you learned a thing and doesn’t mean you automatically get promoted. But, this also means you can learn in a month what could have taken two months.

You could also take twenty four months. Its all the same to God, as long as you learn and grow. That instinctively depends on you and your attitude. Hence, “In every thing, give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Thess 5:18 KJV).”

The key to process and subsequently, progress, is learning. Love the learning. Its called learning curve for a reason


Because, process measures growth NOT the time, speed, competition, what your friends are doing and achieving while you are not, it is the best tool for personal, emotional, financial, and above all – spiritual growth. It keeps you focused on Him and on your lane.

Enough Said!



One Love, One Spirit.

Add a comment. Share the story.  If one of His names is Wonderful, and He lives in you and you are made in His image, what does that make you?






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