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Professional athletes, dancers, actors, painters, writers, and performers have to engage in rehearsals of some kind before the real performance. Simply reading martial arts will do you no good when you are face to face with a thief who just nicked your last dollar.

That martial art knowledge has to become second nature to the bones and muscles that have to use it. That’s were practice, which is a form of rehearsal, comes in. Let’s use the example of an actor. 

While in college, I was cast in student directed plays as lead. Apart from almost loosing myself during the performance and being locked-in my character after the performance, I learned a few things.

For an actor to “enter” a character and actually play the part of this new character with finesse, the actor needs to repeat to himself or herself the lines of a script. The reason is to first memorize them until the mind accepts them as being part of a new story the actor is entering into. The actor then begins to test different moves, thoughts, and behaviors, to match memorized lines.

In order words, the scripted line is being turned into action. Through passionate repetition, the actor, through his words and action, enters the mind and heart of the character, subsequently becoming the character.

Human beings possess the power to change. The change can be positive or negative. Major onetime events leave a landmark in our lives. If it is to positively affect our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, then it must be routinized. For the actor, it is this routine of rehearsal that encourages the artist to belief that with time, he or she can mold into the act, the behavior, and personality of the crafted person.

For athletes, it will be training. For a writer, it will be writing. During the process of repetition, there is a conversation that happens inside of us to inspire such a change. Here is what I imagine the conversation to be:

 The Skit/Illustration

The prayerful conversation within us that leads to belief


Each time you pray, this is what you tell your mind and heart in repetition for instance

You tell your heart and mind: Guys, you need to pay attention! This is important.

Guys you need to pay attention! This is important.

Guys you need to pay attention! This is important.

Guys you need to pay attention! This is important.

Seriously, guys you need to pay attention! This is very important.


Then your heart will say to your mind

Your Heart tells your mind: I think we really need to pay attention. This is kind of serious.

Mind speaking to the Heart: I thought you were paying attention. What are you telling me for?

Heart’s reply: Oh brother…!

Aren’t you supposed to keep track of these things? Isn’t that your job?


And the mind would reply

Mind: Alright…alright. No need for the fuss here. Let’s breathe… (sigh)…Let’s take in what is being repeated. Let’s abide by it. Let’s inform the rest of the body. Let’s recalibrate our sensors and GPS to believe this. Let’s inform the will too.


When both the heart and mind have believed, your “will” as in willpower will notice. It will turn to your heart and mind and ask

Will to mind and heart: Guys…guys! You actually belief this stuff being repeated?


To that, your heart and mind will reply

 Heart and mind to your will: And you don’t?



This is the power of repetition. This is the power of prayer, turning words into living things that breeds life, possibility, and eternity. To reach what is possible, we need words of exaltation, encouragement, and empowerment to help us enter a strong, courageous, and fearless character that is willing to take risks and have faith for the sake of heaven. This is wisdom behind prayer, an ongoing dialogue with God – our heavenly father. This dialogue gets your mind and heart ready for the task you are called to whether it be inspiring people or helping them recover.

The word of life or the scriptures give us this boost, using the stories and testimonials of people whose stories shadow the realities of today and tomorrow. They continue to encourage us by reminding us to consistently and continuously partner with God, in the midst of our routine lives.

They continuously tell us to be like soldiers, ready to create space for new inspiration from heaven which get us to where we need to be to fulfill our life’s purpose. One thing I know is possible. Divine providence, an adventure, and wonderful stories is available for those who dare to take the call from heaven seriously.

But, it begins with the proper rehearsal. It begins with prayer – the master key.

Pray! Pray! Pray! And when you are so down you don’t know what to say, read the Psalms as a prayer. Offer prayerful blessings to others. It keeps the dialogue going. In effect, it whips you into shape, into the mindset of a warrior, the mindset of a saint – the mind of Christ.

Dialogue, not monologue, with God.

Just talk! You do have a friend in Jesus.



One Love, One Spirit.


Excerpt from my book – coming soon!

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