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Prayer is a conversation.

It is having an audience with the King.

God has a plan and it is his hope to lead you there, whatever that is and whatever that looks like for me and you. As it says,

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope – Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

God has good plans for us, but walking out those plans is up to us. He blesses us with inspiration, but we must go through the process of perspiration to give our dreams, visions, and our destiny a life. Usually, its “process” that drains our momentum, strains our enthusiastic Spirit, and wears us out. I believe one reason all these happen is because of a lack of understanding of the reason, the importance, and the system of any process we have to go through. Our process may be individual or part of a bigger system. Nevertheless, if we don’t understand our process, we may as well set up ourselves to fail many of life’s tests and miss opportunities.

On a spiritual side of things, one of the main pieces of any processes is brainstorming with God. It is the result of developing a history with God both in good and bad times. The purpose is to develop a system where you have a back and forth with the King of heaven regarding ideas, dreams, and visions.

God has a plan and a future for each of us, but the manner of executing that plan is not set in stone. That’s possibly why he engineers circumstances so that all things work for good for them that love him. That’s where brainstorming comes in. He may say right a we go left; he may say up and we go down. but in the midst of it, God still loves to teach us to think big, to think like heroes of faith. The purpose of brainstorming is to generate new options and come up with a solution or reached a negotiated/justified agreement that carries weight.

In the midst of the process, you end up with more faith in God, faith in the process, and faith in the future God is leading you to. What’s more, as you develop a history with God and He delights in you, more space is created for you to creatively think with God as you partner with Him to do what He called or inspired you to do.

You begin to realize that your words and prayers are powerful and have more sway on the direction of your life and destiny. Words are powerful, no doubt. But, in Christ, they become a brainstorming and bargaining tool that either advances you on the course of God’s will or limits what God can do while you consider how to proceed on the path to destiny. It seems your words expressed via attitude become what God works with to either move you or train/test you some more.

Here are a few instances:

Abraham, the father of many nations, was visited by the Lord. After hospitably looking out for these three men whom he subsequently recognized as two messengers from the Lord and the Lord, Abraham negotiated with the Lord for justice sake for Sodom (Genesis 18, 19). Now, God didn’t ask Abraham to argue or tell him he anything. However, Abraham’s interjection and argument was welcome and even recorded for us to read.

Then, there is Moses. After the sin of the golden calf, God was angry with Israel and asked Moses not to stop Him from destroying Israel. But in their discussion, Moses brainstormed consequences with God (Exodus 32:10-14). Then, Moses later said to God on behalf of Israel, “Please forgive their sins; but if you won’t, then remove my name from the book in which you have written the names of your people (Ex 32:32)” Now, isn’t that an interesting discussion with the father?

This next one is my favorite.

We know that Jesus did and said only what he saw His father doing and saying (John 5:19). At the wedding which he attended and where wine got finished, Mary the mother of Jesus asked him to do something about the wine and Jesus said it was not yet his time. But, his mother told the servants to do what he (Jesus said). That’s fascinating isn’t it? If Jesus said he did or said only what he saw his father doing and saying, then its safe to say Jesus saying that it was not yet his time was what His father (God) was saying. So, how come after saying that, he still turned water into wine? How come he still listened to his mother? Something changed between what God was saying and what Mary said. In effect, God changed what He originally decided because of what Mary believed and said.

I guess the wisdom here is that we should think positive and speak only positive about our destiny. Perhaps, from now on, we should speak life, positive thoughts, words, blessings, hymns, psalms…into our destiny as well as those of others.

In our dialogue, we discuss thoughts, plans, ideas, and share with our father in heaven what it is we are thinking and hoping. As it says,

Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established – Proverbs 16:3.”

If you ever get to thinking that your time has passed or you missed it, I want you to know that you can not only brainstorm with God to invent a new option like Mary did with her words in Jesus’s case, but you can negotiate with God to reestablish the orignal path, do something new, or chat a new path for you to follow. Because at the end of the day, regardless of what you have done or where you have been,

Its never too late to make a difference

As Samson whose eyes where plucked out, whose secret was made public, and who made mistakes with his destiny but through a last minute brainstormed and negotiation with God, received the strength to end with a grand finale.

But, know that it will cost you something in the sense that:

The problem is not determining where you want to go. The problem is what are you willing to leave behind to get there – unknown

So, before you take risks to implement your idea or make a move toward enterprise, go to your the King of the Universe in honest confidence. Dialogue! Brainstorm thoughts and plans for executing those inspired ideas. Discuss thoughts, fears, concerns, risks, benefits…with him. While at it, just let your mind go in love and reverence as you remain in his presence that fills the space you create with thanksgiving, praise, and prayer. You will come back with a testimony of newness, freshness, and a desire for deeper connection with Him.

Develop a history with God through regular dialogue. Talk with Him not just to Him. Talking with him also means brainstorming. When you do, build in time for reverential silence to listen and discern the nudge of God’s Spirit.

Go as the Spirit leads.


Just a thought to inspire a spiritual conversations between the Father and his many children about life, love, laughter, dreams, and visions.


One Love, One Spirit








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