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Fear is a speed-bump. But don’t let fear become a STOP SIGN!!! – John Maxwell

Are you a people pleaser?

Have you ever lacked courage?

Have you ever been so afraid to say NO because of what you thought people would say?

Have you ever been so afraid to something that would hurt someone but help, preserve, and protect your priority, build your reputation, and preserve your dignity?

Are you looking for something that can help you become courageous?

Well, I have a solution for you. Its a story. A true one at that. it is said that,

One plus one may reach the mind but once upon a time will reach the heart ~ unknown

So, let me tell you a story which may reach the heart of the matter in you that causes you to fear: a story that will make you consider the risks and consequences of not muscling up courage – a story that may well be the kick you need to become courageous. I particularly like this one because it is true and it has helped me. Let’s see what it does for you.

Here we go:

The Story of the Best Zero

There was a young man I knew in college. One Thursday night, a young man had a dream where everything he had worked for was taken. He was shivering with fear and crying for help. He saw people stealing from him, ripping him apart, and he couldn’t do anything about it. Then a voice said he would loose everything in life if he didn’t learn to have courage. He woke up sweating, went on my knees breaking dawn and prayed for God’s help, asking Him to teach him courage.

People often say, “Be careful what you ask God for. He will do it.”

That Friday morning, the lad showered, dressed up in his best suit, feeling like chocolate. It was a cool Friday morning, and the day for his economics test. He loved that class. He read ahead, did research, read stories, shared them in class…etc. Bottomline, it was his element, his favorite class.

Classmates crowded around the door waiting to enter the classroom. He said thank you to a few, “Boy…you look spify,” and “You look so cute,” here are there. Then, came a “friend” who was on the football team. Outright, the friend said, “Ma man…I am going to copy from you.” The lad laughed. He must be joking he thought. Again, his “friend” said it aloud, “Ma man…I’m gonna copy from you.”

The young man began trembling. Wasn’t he joking or was he serious? He seemed to be oblivious to this reality. When they entered the teacher wasn’t there. He had assigned a student to supervise the test and it was the friend “friend.” The lad was nervous: sweating even. He sat at the front desk but his “friend” followed and kept saying “Ma man…ma boy… I am gonna copy from you.”

“Ohhhh God, help me,” he thought.

Then the lad left and went to his seat in the back. His unwanted “friend” followed, sat beside him and said again, “I am going to copy from you.” Then he brought a comrade with him who sat in front, turned around and said, “So, are we copying from cousin?” At that moment the young man prayed,

“Lord, please get me outta here.”

While he uttered the prayer under his breath, he discerned that famous still small voice say, “Son, you are on your own.”

Well, as much as he tried to hide his paper, his new “cousins” moved it here and there and copied. He tried to raise my hand to report the matter, but shivered with fear. Fear is a bump, but that day in that moment, it became a stop sign. The situation was reported and the lad told the truth and all got sanctioned. But, he was forgiven. He missed expulsion by the margin. Ironically, he had the highest score but was given a zero, and lost the respect of the teacher.

After meeting the professor, he walked out of the office and discerned the still small voice say, “Son, it was not about macroeconomics. it was about courage….if you don’t learn it now, it will cost you your life. It was not about the grade you got. It was about that zero. It is the best zero you’ll ever get.”

To put this lesson into perspective –

That young man had studied international accounting for three years. Adding current studies at that time, it was five years. In addition to that, he had built a stellar reputation among professors, written and shared some really good material on God and morality, and was the “perfect” role model.

But this ONE FAIL, this ONE FEAR, this ONE INSTANCE OF LACK OF COURAGE, almost erased over 7 YEARS OF HARD, CONSISTENT, VALUABLE WORK. It almost wiped out his life: it almost made it invaluable. If it did, he might have had to start from scratch.

Just once! And he almost lost it all.

He stayed in the class and still scored an A. But, the A didn’t mean much to him. However, that zero was the best score he ever had. That zero became a symbol for what he stood to lose the day he ever again let fear become a STOP SIGN.

~end of story~

Every time I become afraid to do something or smell fear creeping in, I stall, retell the story of the best zero to myself, consider the consequences and overcome those fears with a personal pep-talk with thoughts like, “Be strong and courageous.”

Think of this story when next you need courage to do, say or not do or say something. Think of how you can loose everything you have worked so hard and so long for if you fail to be courageous when it matters.

May God give you the grace to grow to become strong and courageous (Joshua 1).

And FYI,

NO! is a complete sentence – Anne Lammot



One love, One Spirit!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind – 2 Timothy 1:7

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me – Philippians 4:13


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