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So, there is this song that mama and grandma used to sing every time I was around them and I find myself singing it almost every day now. I thought it’ll be cool to share.

So it goes:

Keep us going higher every day Lord,

Keep us going higher, to another level,

Keep us going higher every day Lord,

Keep us going higher every day

Its been a hard two years and God has been taking me through a process to heal, be restored, be blessed, to overcome thoughts of rejection, failure, low self-esteem, and fear; and above all to embrace my narrative and walk in destiny lane. Its been a tough transition, I have to say – God is quite good at being thorough. Why do I keep singing this song though?

Well, a month ago, while I was thinking about myself and thinking through everything that happened to me and my family which included me loosing my twin brother who was my best friend, I had a very low opinion of myself. Several losses and fallouts dealt a blow to my confidence and self-esteem. I was wondering what good thoughts I could muster up for myself to get me going as strong, enthusiastic, and exuberant as possible.

While I was thinking about this, I heard the voice of a friend offer some kind words. It was the voice of the unseen friend, the Helper, the Comforter. I don’t know what’s happening to you, but with the blessing his words I want to encourage you:

Stop living your life like you are going to win or won the jackpot.

YOU ARE the jackpot.

YOU ARE the Royal flush, the full house

~ My friend the Comforter

There comes a time when one must quit it and start living in the fullness of what Christ did, in his/her truest potential. There comes a time when one must start going higher and higher into another level. I think for many of us, all of in this millionaire generation, its about that time. Won’t you agree?

They are things we have to create, problems we have to solve, people we have to touch and bless, those we are called to inspire, and millions of souls we are called to save in the process. That is a lot of adventure. We do have great ideas and we will go on to do simple, yet outstanding things. But it will require us to have a mindset filled with brilliant and radiant thoughts from the Lord.

Meanwhile, in all, remember not to starve God and those who support you of YOU. Remember, not to starve yourself of the authentic – YOU. Because, at the end of the day, YOU have to protect the Asset – YOU. At the end of the day, what brings many smiles and blessings in your current circle of influence is the presence of YOU and HIM in YOU.

What I’m trying to say is – YOU are the jackpot, to you and subsequently to others who look up to you. It is not what your stuff or what you do. Its just you and the light of God in YOU, shining bright through YOU.

So, find YOU, the YOU that God calls the Jackpot. Think of him or her. See him or her calling from the future and believe your way to that identity. Sing and pray your way into your truest identity. It is through that authentic self -whether weak or strong – that God will be revealed well through the his image that is on that authentic YOU.

Treat YOU like royalty and everyone around you who delights in you will receive a royal treatment. The Second most important rule in the Manufacturers Manual says – Love your neighbor as you love yourself (Mk 12:31). First, you have to love yourself. You can only love someone the way you love yourself. So, love yourself like royalty and everyone else will get the royal treatment.

 If you see yourself and love yourself as God does, as if you are the jackpot, that will change your internal script and subsequently, everyone will start looking like the jackpot to you and your love will help them become the jackpot to them.

That’s a lot of jackpots to bring down the house with a Royal flush (Oooohhhhh).

This new thought has empowered me to start living like a King even when I don’t feel like it.  That’s why I can say I am happy. I am a happy man. Regardless of circusmtances, of what happened or will happen –  I am a happy man.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and the good work that God began in me, He will complete and perfect. And in all things, especially hardships, I rejoice and give thanks.

It is beautiful to go through tests and hardships that bring you to remarkable realization. Don’t escape the prison of that experience. Rejoice in it. God is a genius and he engineers circumstances so that all things ultimately work together for your good.

And to think it all started with words!

How beautiful the world we create with words. Find someone you follow or someone in your contact list and send some beautiful words of blessings – the kind you would love to be blessed with. Bless God with many thanks for the process. Never forget,

Life is not full of surprises: YOU ARE!

I Guess I’m worth something

And as grandma always says, “With us in mind, God has a better plan.”

Take another step toward destiny!

Stay strong! Stay positive! And say cheese when you can’t smile!

The best is yet to come!




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