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Faith is a fruitcake.

NO! I don’t mean the slur used to describe gay people.

I mean – fruitcake – as in acting with conviction in such a way that others see and think of you as being weird, foolish, unusual, – a fruitcake.

Faith is simple. It is simply the action behind your willingness to be “foolish” or “look foolish” for what you believe in and WHO you believe in, even if that means looking like a fruitcake in front of others.

From my experiences and observations, I find that when one holds unto life tightly, the possibility, potential, and the extent to which their dreams and visions can be developed is greatly limited. Its as if our lives were meant to be given away for the law of fulfillment to work.

That is, giving ourselves (time, energy, resources) even at the risk of death, especially for your God-given mission on planet earth usually brings ultimate fulfillment. That mission might involve your work and contribution in the fields of academia, business, politics, entertainment, just to name a few. Each field and sphere of influence presents its own challenge but God is there to help each according to his grace in their life’s purpose.

Recall, faith is the action behind the willingness to be foolish.

Keyword – action!

If you think about it, actions are plain simple. there are what they are and there aren’t many to speak of. So, faith is not that hard. What makes it seem difficult is the risk to our lives; that is, our reaction and attitude in the midst of uncertainty. Sure, you consider many factors and count the cost. Add perception of what people will say, what will happen, how you feel and we have a culmination of thoughts that we have to battle with to walk out that faith. But, in all sincerity, faith is just simple action. Faith is simply:

  • A Phone call away 
  • Sending an email away 
  • A question, discussion, talk, or conversation away from making a new contact, getting connected, meeting a future spouse, convincing a partner to join you in business, engaging a benefactor, persuading an investor and so on. 
  • A Walk, trip, knock, or visit away from discovering something, someone, a new perspective, culture…that ends up inspiring you. 
  • A report, letter, or article away from reaching someone, inspiring another, bringing in support, and transforming a life. 

That’s it.

In the case of my testimony of how God paid my tuition, all the faith I needed in believing that it was God’s still small voice leading me, was to actually use my two thin legs, walk to the director of accounts and later, use those same legs to walk to see the good doctor and subsequently use my lips to ask a question. That was it. God did the rest.

To summarize, for me, it was – (i) a walk away (to the director) (ii) another walk away (to the good doctor), and then (iii) a question away (asking the good doctor)!

That’s 3 simple actions that backed my willingness to look like a fruitcake for what I believed to be divine guidance to divine provision.

Now, let’s make it practical for you.

Concerning those dreams and visions of yours:

Who have you called? Did you send an email to establish correspondence with someone in that field? Who did you reach out to to ask questions and get some input? Did you sign up for app in order to start your podcast? Did you take time to write that plan, report, letter, or article with which you could use as a tool to explain your idea to influencers? 

When you discerned God nudging your heart, when you heard the still small voice, what action did you take? When inspired ideas for a business, a product, or a service was whispered to you or downloaded into your mind, did you jot it down, draw sketches, spend a few dollars to by parts, and build a prototype? When you discerned it “may” be God leading you, did you actually remove give away that $20, give a ride to a total stranger, share a message of hope or healing, or testify? 

See how to give your dreams a voice.

Its all about that one, two, or culmination of actions. That’s what faith is. In this context, the rest is anchoring that action on the fact that you believe it was God. If you are wrong and the outcome is otherwise, you end up with a learning experience.

What’s more, you end up realizing what we believe here at Destiny Class that:

Life is not full of surprises: WE ARE! For we are made in the image of God and there is more to our undiscovered self.



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