What is Destiny? Making it clear & helping you start well

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Destiny is a strange word. Dare I say a strange thing.

Destiny is broad yet narrow. It is close yet far. It is real yet unreal. It is possible when you are in high spirits but daunting, almost impossible, when your happy mood vanishes. You know what it is, yet you don’t. It is such a mystery, isn’t it? But, let me break it down.

Destiny is God’s call to you from the future. You can sense, feel, discern it because it is within you. It was linked to you because it already existed. It took root in history in the lives of those before you. That call from the future troubles you because God thinks its time for you to explore and time to do exploits. Its time to start building on what has previously been done. Step forward. Learn. Grow. Make a contribution.

Destiny is a culmination of all those things you were meant to do before you die. It is the contribution you make in a defining moment of history that shifts the downward trajectory of a giddy world into a hopeful tomorrow. That moment of history could be in the life of one person, a family, a community, or nation. Nevertheless, it is a moment of and in history.

Destiny is a hidden treasure. It gets you thinking, “I worth something and I know there is something I am meant to do, but I’m not sure.” You never know when you begin. You never really know what those things are, but when you get there you might perceive it. But after it passes, you will definitely know it. Winston Churchill said when he was 4 yrs old, he said something interesting to one of his friends. Here is a paraphrased recollection, “One day, Great Britain will be in trouble. When that day comes, they will need me.” He couldn’t have possibly known that he would be sought when the Second World War broke out. But, he was. How did he know? He never really did, but within him, it was there.

But, how do we get there? How do we reach that point where we do that which we were born to do? The answer is dreams and visions inspired by God.

Your dreams and visions which are inspired by the divine are those tools that help you get there. There are the tools that help you develop your destiny or at least, what you think, see, visualize or it. It is the blueprint to get there. The purpose behind them is your drive. The ideas that you discern are inspired and God sent are meant to help you build on the vision. When you take steps to implement them, you create space for two things:

  1. Space within that vision for God to fill
  2. Space for those you are called to influence to enter

Note that everything that God does and everything that ultimately yields rewards is for the sake of people. Hence, your dream/vision must be people centered and geared toward serving a need. Rabbi Sacks of the House of Lords in England said,

Where what you want to do meets what needs to be done: that’s where God wants you to be.”

People – loving and serving people – is the key!

Destiny is not a place where you just go to. Those we are meant to influence, we don’t know. This paradox makes destiny such a mystery, yet so desirable. But, it is wise of the Almighty to leave it that way.

If we knew what time in history we were meant to influence, who were meant to influence, and how, all of our existence would be solely to find and influence that moment. By so doing, we would miss absolutely every beautiful moment, miss many of the progressive journeys and people, and ultimately fail the real test of life – learn to love.

So, here are two thoughts to help you reach your destiny and help you do life well.

  1. It has been said that life is not about the journey, but about the destination. I somewhat disagree. I believe your life, your dreams, and your destiny is not about the destination, but its not really about the journey either.

Its about THE PEOPLE on that journey to your destination. Its in light of God and in light of them that everything makes sense at the end.

and finally,

2. You are like a boat sailing on a sea. You have been called to influence a “sea” of people as you sail in life. You never really know who, where, and how to start. The best thing to do is this:

Bless with many blessings and prayers of blessings those within the reach of your voice. Lift up the heads of those in sorrow or in slumber! That’s how you set the standard; that’s how you raise the sails.

That’s what destiny class is about.

To show you how to discern and make that call from the future a priority and through my own stories and experiences, help you get there.

May you be blessed with good health and prosperity even as your soul prospers.

~by Ishmael Asaba

Cover picture retrieved from http://www.telescopeguide.org

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