Vision & Mission: The difference & how it helps you develop destiny

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In a previous post, I wrote on destiny, what it is, why its so mysterious, and suggestions on how to start. You can read it here.

Having a dream is looking forward, imagining what could possibly be if you use your God-given gifts and talents to do this or that. Having a vision is similar, except the idea you have is a platform.

The dreams and visions we have are tools to help us create space to express God’s image in us and do that which we perceive we were created by the Almighty to do. However, it helps to differentiate between vision and mission. It could be confusing sometimes when it comes to writing up a mission statement for our lives or projects. Understanding subtle differences could help us plan and prepare well in light of God’s grace and favor to get us ready for the daunting task of making the earth more like heaven, a task that is ahead of us. Here’s my take on it.

Vision is abstract but mission is concrete. Vision is what you see your ideas becoming while mission is the purpose that drives you toward that possibility.

Vision is the idea while mission is the prototype. Vision is the destination but mission is the highway.

Vision is multi-focused but mission is single focused.

Vision is the belief, but mission is the essential intent.

Vision is the reason why that passionate dream exists. But mission is the way the dream will exist.

Vision is faith for a bright future. Mission is action behind faith for that future. Vision is the overall view, the “We will eradicate hunger” type. Mission is the precise location, the “We will eradicate hunger, beginning in Kigali, Rwanda, with rice, one family at a time” type.

Vision is the thinking, the arguing, the brainstorming stage. Mission is the execution stage.

Vision takes a visionary – you. Mission, requires a team – you, friends, emotional support, perhaps resources and the like.


When you have a vision, an inspired idea, write it down as the Prophet Habakkuk did, the visions he received from God (Habakkuk 2). But, craft a purpose and run with it. Build a system around it and work with it. Ask friends to hold you accountable, hang around people doing creative things like you…and never forget to always pray. Your relationship with God comes first. If this dream or vision started with Him, you can be sure that its not going anywhere without him. If it does, it won’t be a happy divine road trip.


All the best.


Your brother and fellow human,

Ishmael Asaba (Ish’ the fish/Jack Jones/Jolie Thorax)

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