Poverty is a Mindset

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Poverty is just a mindset. Managing what you have is not poverty. Prosperity is simply properly managing and investing or multiplying what you have through laws and mediums related to serving people with a good or service.

To say one lives in poverty is to say–that person in question is trapped in a mindset which is often generational. This mindset says, “We don’t have enough and there is nothing we can do to manage and multiply what we have to get enough.” That mindset says, “Since this is the case, we will not even try—it has never worked for us.”

This means there is no vision or heart for sacrifice personally or for the sake of a family or generation in the heart of the word– poverty. Its like running around in circles. “Running around in circles means going nowhere fast.”

Break out of that mindset, and you see that you are blessed with what you have and we as humans in all of creation have the ability to learn and change (the wisdom of contentment, transformation, and service). With these, there are possibilities. But since breaking out of poverty mindset requires work, change, learning, and transformation, the poverty mindset says, “Nope…, we don’t do that. This is how its always been. We’ll survive.”

Well, realize, its just a mindset. To change that, simply have another thought. This time, a radiant one that says, it is possible–it is possible to manage and learn the wisdom of stewardship and multiplication in service to another maybe through business, education, etc. Just another thought.

Thank you Dad for breaking me out the old mindset into the new (Part of renewing my mind). Be blessed.


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