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So it was, within 3 days, everything fell apart. First, my boss told me I had to go. Next, my application for other jobs and for the army did not make it to the deadline. Then, my lady said no and with good reason. All my business deals came to a stall. I

found haunting mistakes in my first book and had to spend more money to fix it than I used to get it published and then had to stop the publishing altogether. And just when I thought that was it, my landlady told me that I had to be out soon.

Finally, my car, my last love, my bed and breakfast, broke down and it took more than half of my savings to fix it. This is the word that described how I felt –


Before a near shutdown, I took on two journeys. I traveled to California, then went on a solo road trip from Wisconsin to Seattle, Washington. I traveled to Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho, Montana and others.

It was a 3-day drive and it was therapeutic. But, I discovered something. Everyone is inspired to do something. If you want to see inspiration live, you must develop the vision, you must travel twice. Here is what I mean: travel physically and travel intellectually.

1) Travel Physically

When you travel, your mind opens up to new terrain. You meet different people, cultures, different thoughts, architecture, and you break the complacency of being stuck. Moving across national or international borders forces your juices to move to and fro, constraining them to adapt quickly.

You meet people, crack jokes, see new things, get new ideas, and you get to know what is out there. If you want to change the world with your dreams, you first have to know what the “piece of world” you want to change “really” looks like. Visit the streets and marketplaces and hear people argue across lanes. What a beauty. So yes, travel.

2) Travel Intellectually

Take time to read books, magazines, articles, and so forth. One thing is common with people at the top of their game. They study, they know their stuff. They know the problems and read arguments on how to solve them. So, start now. Reading is “far” more helpful than watching hours of Netflix and shows on TV.

Yes, I have done both and my aunt wouldn’t like that it was her Netflix account. Sorry Coolest! Reading is the gateway into the writer’s thought process. It builds in you the ability to discern character, it gives inside into human nature, an intimate friendship to the workings of the human intention and action; and a real appreciation for aesthetics and the subtle.

Skills necessary for any expert pursuing excellence. Reading helps you practice stepping out of yours into another’s shoes as you shadow their journey by taking interest in their stories.

I draw this ancient wisdom from the journey of the Israelite’s from Egypt to their promised land. The journey could take 4 days, but God took them another way which was much longer. With an eagle’s eye, here’s what I see from the longer path from the journey (start to finish).

The Israelite’s met different people groups, fought with some, argued with some, had to negotiate with others. They got educated with two tablet of laws and explanations which would bring them together to build a nation. They received warnings for repercussions and counsel for foreign affairs.


Here’s my point!

They received this training while still traveling and most of all before they entered the promised land. They did this after their big blunder with the golden calf. They became a nation without any piece of land to call a nation. They remained a nation and a people of laws (education) even when exiled into different nations and systems. That’s the wisdom.

They traveled “two times” every time on 1-one journey which often took them much farther and closer to their dreams and prayers. This wisdom is one of the 7 paths and pillars of happiness discussed by Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Failure is one path to success. Failure is an education.

Failure is a roadmap

Even after you fail, take a therapeutic trip and rediscover who you are; rediscover your passions once again. Rediscover why your dream is still worth developing and rediscover who this dream is for on your journey.

Like Moses went up and came down the mountain, go forth and discover (physically and intellectually), then return with fresh inspiration and perspire to give bring the dream to life.

What you need, God will always provide. But, what you want, your destiny, God will send the invitation from the future. You RSVP with your actions which includes your failures too.

If you walk in God’s will, so will your mistakes

In you journey to the main event, your destination, through several models, processes, and lessons, you will develop every essential element of your destiny and learn how to partner with the Lord to give that dream life, touch lives for him, and make the world a little more like heaven.


Good luck on your journey to a meaningful life and a rewarding future.

Life is not full of surprises – YOU ARE!


Stay in touch.


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